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Aliens News

One in three Brits believe Lady Gaga is an alien, 16% believe Tom Cruise is an alien too 05:27 Sep 18 2014 from DNA India

A new survey has revealed that one third of Brits believes that Lady Gaga is an alien. The survey approached 2000 people that demonstrated that 68% believed that aliens existed, the Daily Star reported. The survey indicated that 16% of Brits believed...


The spread of Rocky Mountain jihad 12:49 Sep 17 2014 from Michelle Malkin

The spread of Rocky Mountain jihad by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 Something’s fouling Colorado’s crisp air — and I’m not talking about the pot smoke. In my adopted home state, the toxic fumes of Islamic jihad have penetrated the...


Morning Parade announce new single 'Alienation' 04:12 Sep 16 2014 from Altsounds

*Morning Parade* will release '*Alienation*', the latest single to be taken from their new album, *Pure Adulterated Joy* (SO Recordings), on 3rd November. The band will precede the single release with a London show at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on...


I want to live in these cool visions of the far future by Alex Ries 08:38 Sep 16 2014 from Gizmodo

I love Alex Ries' sci-fi illustrations because they feel more close enough to our current reality to be truly believable, like some lost far-future NASA concept mission designs. Even his alien creatures feel biologically plausible. Read more.....


Black Rain shares new track 02:11 Sep 16 2014 from Altsounds

Produced in New York City by *Stuart Argabright*,* Black Rain*’s founder and figurehead, *Dark Pool* is a work of hard-edged sonic fiction rooted in cyberpunk's quintessential neo-noir cityscape/dataspace but projecting into a farther future of biote...


Santa Fe crowns its green chile cheeseburger winners 05:09 Sep 15 2014 from Philadelphia Business Journal

The 2014 winners have been crowned and bragging rights are in full swing. Tourism Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute hosted another successful Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown this weekend. More than 500 attendees voted for the Peop...


Weekend Reading: Noah Smith: Austrian Economists, 9/11 Truthers, and Brain Worms 02:58 Sep 13 2014 from Grasping Reality

**Noah Smith:** Austrian Economists, 9/11 Truthers, and Brain Worms: "In the film *Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan*... >...the super-genius villain puts alien worms into people’s brains in order to subvert them to his demented cause. I think Khan cou...


New Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer details story 06:17 Dec 28 2012 from Tech2

Gearbox has released a new trailer for its upcoming FPS game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the game's story, and judging by the events, it looks like it's going to make heavy use of the Aliens


Possible habitable zone only 22 light years away from Earth 08:00 Dec 20 2012 from FirstPost

Melbourne: Scientists using an intra-galactic speed gun have detected five new planets, relatively close to Earth, and one of them is orbiting a star's habitable zone, where conditions are suitable for life.The zone is only 12 light years away from


Aliens: Colonial Marines to get Limited Edition in India on release day 05:53 Dec 17 2012 from Tech2

Gearbox is all set to release its upcoming FPS – Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game is set to see a release in India on February 12, 2013. It will see a release on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 for Rs 2,499, while PC gamers