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Ana María Polo Bio

Ana María Polo was born on April 11, 1959) is a Cuban-American lawyer who has become famous among Hispanic television viewers in the United States, as arbitrator in Caso cerrado. Away from the formalities of a law practitioner, Dr. Ana Maria Polo reflects humanity great strength of character when she faces the TV cameras every day on her show “Caso cerrado”. The prestigious attorney successfully closes every case that her Hispanic TV audience entrusts her with; making her an educator, which provides a true service to the community. Born in Havana, Cuba, Ana, came to Miami at a very young age accompanied by her family. Later they moved to Puerto Rico where, Ana, aside from graduating from high school, discovered she had an artistic talent. She participated in different musicals such as: Godspell, Jubilee Showboat in addition to singing with the Chorus of Jubilee, who were invited by Pope Paul VI to sing at St. Peter’s Basilica as part of the celebration of the 1975 Holy Year. Ana returned to Miami where she completed her degree in Political Science at Florida International University and from where she later received her law degree. Since 1989, Dr. Polo has been dedicated to helping families and individuals through divorces, adoptions, paternities, custody suits, and other family related cases. Dr. Polo is an advocate of helping domestic abuse and child abuse victims; she does this daily in her law practice Polo, Yablan Associates, located on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. It was here, in Miami, that Dr. Polo integrated her communication skills with her profession by being the guest of several TV programs such as: The Maria Laria Show, Cristina, America en Vivo, and others. Ana also took part in several radio programs one of which was on CMQ Miami and hosted by Angel Martin a popular radio personality. She also contributed her knowledge to an on line magazine called Obsidiana.com. In 2001, Ana started her own national television show, "Sala de parejas", via NBC’s Telemundo where she developed an audience well beyond expectations. On “Sala de parejas”, individuals with marital issues and/or conflicts come to “La Dra. Polo” to find a just and legal resolution. In January 2005, Ana began a new project with Telemundo, “Caso cerrado”, a more dynamic and diverse show dealing frequently with scandalous and shocking legal battles. The show became an instant success. Her work as a legal mediator has won Dr. Polo many awards including: the INTE 2004, New York City’s ACE 2003 2004, Florida International University’s Torch Award, the Hispanic Business Salute of San Jose California 2006, and the Hispanic Alliance “Nuestro Premio” in Atlantic City, NJ, in addition to the Paoli 2006 in Puerto Rico and INTE the iberoamericana TV. Without a doubt, her television persona has made it possible for Ana to convey messages of importance for different causes that benefit society. As a breast cancer survivor, she continues her unconditional support for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Participating in many different events to raise money for the organization. In October 2005 she was named the Godmother of careers dedicated to the cure for breast cancer in Puerto Rico. Dr. Ana Maria Polo lives her career passionately and with unwavering commitment. This dedication is seen everyday when her TV guests challenge her to find a solution to their problems and she gives them back the hope that there is always a better way to live.