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Arnold Schwarzenegger News

Maria Shriver cheated on Arnold Schwarzenegger too, report says 12:22 Sep 02 2014 from Fox News

The Kennedy heiress was supposedly sleeping with her husband’s lead campaign strategist well before Schwarzenegger’s old affai...


REVIEW: Stallone Reassembles the Old, Old Gang for The Expendables 3 03:59 Aug 15 2014 from TIME Magazine

Sly hopes third time's the charm for his mercenaries on a mission, but the only standouts are those two outlaw stars, Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipe...


'Escape Plan' review: Action-packed but predictable 12:04 Oct 17 2013 from IANS

With a wafer-thin plot line and two iconic action heroes in one frame, "Escape Plan" offers a predictably rousing fare that could act as a tutorial for prisoners intending to break free.


Stewart flirted with Schwarzenegger's son? 10:25 Mar 10 2013 from IANS

Actress Kristen Stewart was spotted flirting with Arnold Schwarzenegger's 19-year-old son Patrick at a recent party here.


Arnold's back in The Last Stand 03:42 Jan 18 2013 from AP

The Last Stand is the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie you didn't even realize you wanted to see


Schwarzenegger supports same-sex marriage 10:14 Oct 02 2012 from PTI

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he has performed two same-sex marriage ceremonies involving former staffers in his office while serving as California's governor.


Arnold speaks about lovechild in new memoir 11:25 Sep 25 2012 from PTI

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was forced to come clean during a couples counselling session about the lovechild that he fathered with his housekeeper.