21st Jan to 18th Feb

Daily Horoscope

September 26, 2017

You zoom in on research and development today. Your fabulous work speaks volumes and your commitment pays off. You're keen to play Romeo today, and all your gimmicks and surprises will work wonders! Love on, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

September 24 to September 30, 2017

With Jupiter posited in the 8th House from your Sign, refrain from incurring debts to finance your ambitious project. Ganesha warns you that if you take a loan you may not be able to repay it on schedule. So what you need is a financially strong partner to join you. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you may be a bit confused about the direction to take to make the desired progress. From Thursday, you may decide to go solo for the time being. You shall work harder to improve your performance to achieve desired results. You may be tempted to cut corners to boost your earnings. Ganesha cautions you against indulging in such tactics. Instead, try to explore new territories to market your products. The week is good for exploring offshore options. On Sunday, Sun comes out of its own Sign Leo and enters Virgo. Now, Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter, posited in the 8th House from your Sign.

Monthly Horoscope

September 01 to September 30, 2017

You shall see yourself shifting gears to work at a faster pace to accomplish your goals on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Highly determined and confident, you may be willing to take up challenges like never before! However, hurdles may be strewn onto your path by Saturn. On 7th and 8th, you may be in a rebellious mood, specifically concerning a work matter. Say what you have to, but also understand that no one is out to curb your freedom. So, refrain from making angry comments. Partnerships, in business or personal life, may see a tough time, mid-month. You may even be tempted to take a legal freeway, against which Ganesha cautions you well in advance. Domestic matters may demand your attention. You may feel worried and down, on account of a loved one/ spouse being somewhat indifferent towards you. Avoid verbal spats, and if they happen, refrain from taking the moral high ground. Stay practical and flexible. You may plan a small family trip to lighten the mood. Finances, however, may remain a concern, often becoming the bone of contention. Thankfully, things shall look up money-wise, post 20th. Whatever you do, try not to borrow heavily. And, do not initiate quarrels.

Yearly Horoscope


This year, you shall have ample opportunities to prove your worth. But, the decision to take them or leave them will have to be yours. If you wish to live life to the fullest, you will enjoy this year to the hilt. Overall, success comes to you in 2015, provided you don't measure your success only in terms of money. You will function efficiently, and from the year's beginning, you shall see favourable results in various areas of your life. You will have to work hard, though, says Ganesha. If you are a student, you shall have to work even harder to get success. In love, you will have the stars on your side. It is possible that a loving relationship with an old friend may flower. Life will be hunky dory for married couples. Official travel is on the cards. Health-wise, things will be stable, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.