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21st Jan to 18th Feb

Daily Horoscope

March 03, 2015

You know how to examine the nuts and bolts of every assignment or project, and it consumes your resources to a great extent. But, like a stitch in time saves nine, your meticulous planning minimises the chances of a loss or a failure, feels Ganesha. Not many are good at this, and such efficient planning gives you an upper hand over others when the competition is tight.

Weekly Horoscope

March 01 to March 07, 2015

With disagreements between you and your spouse coming to the fore, this week is likely to begin on a sour note, foresees Ganesha. And, things may take a turn for worse now, especially if both of you continue to be inflexible. However, the presence and mediation of mature family members may help both of you get back on track, despite the fact that the discontent towards each other may continue to brew inside. You may feel that nothing is going right. Have patience, as the stars will soon take a turn for the better. Try to turn your mind to work and career matters, which anyway shall be quite a handful now. Doing yoga or meditation can help you in remaining stable under all situations.

Monthly Horoscope

March 01 to March 31, 2015

Businessmen are going to have it tough in the initial phase of the month, predicts Ganesha. Lucrative deals may come your way later and you will make the most of them. The desire to expand your business will be strong now and with the cosmos in your favour, you are likely to get good response. However, the lacklustre last few days of the month may leave you worried. Maybe you need a break! On the marital front, this month is truly going to test the strength of your character. Lack of communication, distrust, and differences in your relationship may completely stress you out. Friends and family will come to your rescue, helping to resolve your differences, but it may not help much. You need to understand that no two people are same and you have to make compromises to make a marriage work. Managing your finances may pose another big headache for you, and you may have to look for other avenues for earning some more money.

Yearly Horoscope


This year, you shall have ample opportunities to prove your worth. But, the decision to take them or leave them will have to be yours. If you wish to live life to the fullest, you will enjoy this year to the hilt. Overall, success comes to you in 2015, provided you don't measure your success only in terms of money. You will function efficiently, and from the year's beginning, you shall see favourable results in various areas of your life. You will have to work hard, though, says Ganesha. If you are a student, you shall have to work even harder to get success. In love, you will have the stars on your side. It is possible that a loving relationship with an old friend may flower. Life will be hunky dory for married couples. Official travel is on the cards. Health-wise, things will be stable, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.