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21st Jan to 18th Feb

Daily Horoscope

April 22, 2015

Are you facing a roadblock in your path? Make a minor change in your route, you will find a smooth and clear road once again, advises Ganesha. The efforts you have made in the past will come to fruition, today. Don't get satisfied with your current achievements, you still have a long way to keep working hard.

Weekly Horoscope

April 19 to April 25, 2015

This week you shall give more priority to your personal affairs, as you may be feeling guilty about having neglected your family of late. You will also try to resolve pending domestic issues. As the week progresses, the Sun will enter fixed earthly Sign Taurus in the 4th House from your Sign. This indicates that in spite of major differences, your spouse will support you and help find a solution to domestic crisis. For businessmen, Wednesday and Thursday seem good for striking profitable deals. Freelancers may also get some lucrative assignments, this week. On the health front, problems related to the respiratory system will need urgent attention. Also, the influence of Mars may lead to disturbances in the digestive system, which may be because of irregular meal timings.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2015

On the professional front, this month is going to be a very eventful phase, predicts Ganesha. Do not let your emotions override your logical faculties so that you can perform to your full potential. New responsibilities and job offers will come your way, but weigh all options before deciding either ways. The beginning of the month is favourable for businessmen. You can now spread your wings and explore the unexplored. Money will not be an issue; in fact, it will come easy and there will be enough for you to invest. You will come across multiple investment options, which shall promise to give you good returns in a short period. With work and money keeping you busy this month, you are likely to neglect your personal life, which may lead to problems, especially around the middle of the month. But if you be calm and compassionate, you can win the hearts of your dear ones without any difficulty.

Yearly Horoscope


This year, you shall have ample opportunities to prove your worth. But, the decision to take them or leave them will have to be yours. If you wish to live life to the fullest, you will enjoy this year to the hilt. Overall, success comes to you in 2015, provided you don't measure your success only in terms of money. You will function efficiently, and from the year's beginning, you shall see favourable results in various areas of your life. You will have to work hard, though, says Ganesha. If you are a student, you shall have to work even harder to get success. In love, you will have the stars on your side. It is possible that a loving relationship with an old friend may flower. Life will be hunky dory for married couples. Official travel is on the cards. Health-wise, things will be stable, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.