21st March to 20th April

Daily Horoscope

July 05, 2015

Common sense is a good thing, especially when deciding about the future. So by all means, do your calculations: take advice, check out your astrological reading. But finally, says Ganesha, let your common sense guide you.

Weekly Horoscope

June 28 to July 04, 2015

This week, you are likely to incur expenses on account of urgent requirements in your household. Matters related to personal life are likely to weigh heavily on your mind around Tuesday and Wednesday. Some monetary gains may accrue around Thursday which is likely to cheer you up. On the same day, Mercury will shift from its own sign Gemini to enter a watery cardinal sign, Cancer. Mercury will now be placed in the 4th House from your sign. Those dealing with offshore projects are likely to benefit significantly during this period. Businesspersons, especially, will come across a good opportunity to strike a lucrative deal from overseas. But Ganesha warns against investing money in a new venture. Those doing a job are likely to be comfortably placed financially, but Saturn placed in the 8th House is likely to make you feel discontent in one way or another. Freshers seeking job opportunity are likely to feel happy as they may get a job of their choice around this time.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2015

Single Arians, do you know how hot you are right now? Well, let the stifled sighs, shy smiles and side glances from some interesting people tell you that. You will be hot property! However, if you are married, things may not be all that rosy in the relationships department. Now, now, don't let this get to your heart. Relax, and try finding a middle ground with your darling. It will be all worth your while. And, when you are feeling really down and out, head straight to your close friends. In work matters, mid month, the stars may get a little more stringent, making you work harder than earlier. Any way, it's a phase and it will pass. Don't wait for your bosses to pay you a compliment—self motivation shall be the key. Deadlines may assail you, but you will manage, assures Ganesha. New business projects won't be a good idea this month, but well planned business trips shall help you gain a perspective. Money may keep flying out of your pockets, overall, but that won't bother you. You will feel smarter than ever about financial matters, and may plan some investments. About time! Health front remains hassle-free, allowing you plenty of leeway to go on and about your life, as you desire.

Yearly Horoscope


Pick your opportunities wisely this year, and take the best advantage of them, says Ganesha. The year, however, may begin on a low-key, but don't get disappointed, you will get your due chances! Expect things to catch momentum post mid-April, when the supportive Jupiter aligns itself in your favour. Also, throughout the year, the Sun shall support your Sign by providing an environment conducive to progress. Yes, there will be roadblocks, but none too daunting. You may also find yourself spiritually inclined. Jupiter's influence shall pave your way towards higher education. Career/ job change is possible. The stars are in favour of buying a house. Health-wise, stars may not be very supportive, so be watchful through the year. Don't let the stress and strain of your love life affect you so much that it spoils your health and professional prospects. Money-wise things shall be good; expect business to flourish post September'15.