22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

September 02, 2014

You may be in one of your more frivolous moods today, foresees Ganesha. Gossip, fun, laughter and some harmless flirting shall make your day interesting, yet these are not the pastimes you usually enjoy. Hence, as the day rolls on, you shall find yourself to your reserved, reticent self concentrating hard on getting the work done to make way for the early evening gym/ driving class. Good going, after all finding balance is just the right thing to do.

Weekly Horoscope

August 31 to September 06, 2014

Ganesha is happy to inform you that after a longish far-from-fortunate span of time, the stars are at last smiling down on you this week. Now you shall be able to develop a keen interest in new subjects, which will help you open new doors of perception. You shall be able to find peace in spiritual practices or in religious activities. You shall change your views about people, religion and society. This week you shall be spending more time engaging yourself in creative activities after office time. Those in business shall now understand that you will have to do away with old-fashioned methods of business and opt for something that's trendy these days, in order to make quick progress in your projects. Health-wise, Ganesha feels this week doesn't seem to be very favourable. Love life will remain so-so.

Monthly Horoscope

September 01 to September 30, 2014

The planetary alignments are finally in your favour. Make the most of this positive phase by taking keen interest in new subjects. Your rigid views about people, religion, and society shall change now. Your rapport with colleagues shall improve this month. Your work routine may be very hectic, but you shall work in an organised manner to meet your deadlines. Your punctuality shall also matter a lot this month. In business, you should introduce the latest technology to increase and improve your production. On the financial front, some unexpected expenditure may disturb your calculations. Ganesha advises you to start saving by cutting out all unnecessary expenses, so you have enough funds if an emergency should arise. Also, have frank discussions with family members regarding important issues, especially financial ones. Overall, domestic life shall be peaceful. Your desire to buy a house may not fructify this month. For students, the period around the month-end shall prove to be advantageous.

Yearly Horoscope


Family and finances shall take the centre-stage for the better part of the year. If you are single, be prepared to wait for some more time to meet your soul-mate. Well, there will be some romantic encounters but none of them is likely materialise into a serious relationship. Those in a committed relationship may find stars in their favour if they take their relationship to the next level this year. Financially, you will be in a much better position during 2014. On the business front, you may have to take risks to expedite growth. But the decision to push your luck may be a delicate one as your progress is at stake. Look before you leap, advises Ganesha. On the job front, the year ahead may prove to be a favourable one as the planetary alignment indicate that salary increment and promotion are in store for you. You may also consider changing your career altogether. However, don't take an impulsive decision about it.