22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

July 30, 2015

Your actions will be dominated by your impulsive trait, predicts Ganesha. Later in the day, close your eyes to the negative aspects and focus only on the positives. Your action rather than thinking will yield better results. Immerse your heart and mind in light music.

Weekly Horoscope

July 26 to August 01, 2015

Your committed efforts at work are likely to be duly appreciated by your higher ups. You may then feel more secure and comfortable in your job. This is largely because of the benevolent aspect of Jupiter over the 6th House related to employment. But the presence of Ketu (south node) in the 10th House from your sign may act as a deterrent in your pursuit. However, with the aspect of Jupiter over the 10th House, you may be able to maintain your position even if your pace slows down. You are likely to feel comfortable financially as no major expenses are expected now. Relations with your spouse are likely to be cordial and life will be pleasant. Freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity may have a reason to cheer as they are likely to get a positive response from a reputed company. However, you may have to bargain hard for remuneration. In regard to health, no major problem is foreseen during this period.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2015

Trudge, walk, amble, stride—you shall be taking on your own milestones, improving a notch or two at every point, on almost all spheres of life, as the month begins. Your enthusiasm shall find its way to the hearts (and minds) of those who matter, helping you earn rewards and praises. Spare a generous thank you for your friendly planet Jupiter, as it aspects your 6th House—the House of day to day functioning—now. And, just as you go about expressing your gratitude in form of prayers and positive visualisations, pray a little extra so the stars help you defeat mischievous Ketu's negative influence. Romance flowers, as the steady, committed love bonds saunter ahead towards the next logical step. However, be prepared for some unexpected roadblocks and work snags, towards the second fortnight, says Ganesha. If you are about to start a job soon, then you may not exactly be happy with the offered salary. Business-persons dealing in foreign shores shall be in for some luck, though. Focus on forging new trade bonds. Socially, an active time awaits you that may see you hosting a dinner party, probably to celebrate the completion of a redecoration project. Financially, you will need to exercise care, as expenses look set to hit the roof.

Yearly Horoscope


There will be highs and lows this year, but happily, the highs will overshadow the lows. Your finances will be good, despite a possible change in your job/career path. Property purchase or inheritance is likely. Plus, in the first half of the year, with Jupiter casting its influence over Saturn, you might see some major changes. This positive streak may begin to fade around June-July, slowing down things. Hold on, though, and let this pass, says Ganesha. It is your personal sphere that shall need your undivided attention through the year. The more you nurture your special relationships, the sweeter shall they get. In marriage and committed relationships, it shall be important to remain frank. If you find your partner overbearing and annoying, say it. But, do not take your beloved for granted. Career-wise too you will need to be flexible. However, amidst all the stresses and strains, do not neglect your health.