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22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

March 03, 2015

Though your thoughts and views may be quite radical, you will be largely restrained while acting on them, portends Ganesha. You will have no problems starting a new venture or love affair, and taking the required action to keep them afloat. You'll be a Pied Piper to the women, or le belle dame sans merci (the beautiful young merciless woman) to the men.

Weekly Horoscope

March 01 to March 07, 2015

Your domestic expenses are likely to increase owing to the fact that your focus will shift from work to home, and you may want to provide more comforts to your near and dear ones. At your workplace, a lack of focus may lead to slip-ups, which may make your superiors angry. Conversely, if you are in a supervisory position, you may find it difficult to motivate your subordinates to put up an improved performance. This unfriendly environment at work shall compel you to look for a better job option. Anyway, tempers may cool down with the full Moon emerging around the weekend. You need to plan a short vacation, feels Ganesha. This shall definitely have a refreshing effect on your mind, which shall also reflect in your approach towards work.

Monthly Horoscope

March 01 to March 31, 2015

Businessmen will have to really work very hard to gain success this month. Ganesha predicts good profits from increasing turnover, so overall this is a good phase for you, except for the last few days of the month, when things will become stagnant. However, there is no need to lose heart as it will only be a passing phase. Make the best use of the time by analysing your current situation and making foolproof plans for the future. If you happen to be a professional, you are likely to lack focus and determination in the initial stages of the month, and this is bound to reflect in your work. Your half-hearted involvement and silly mistakes may not go down well with your bosses. You may feel disgruntled and start hunting for another job. However, exercise due caution before taking any such major decision. On the financial front, outflow of cash will be adequately balanced by the inflow, some of it from unexpected sources.

Yearly Horoscope


There will be highs and lows this year, but happily, the highs will overshadow the lows. Your finances will be good, despite a possible change in your job/career path. Property purchase or inheritance is likely. Plus, in the first half of the year, with Jupiter casting its influence over Saturn, you might see some major changes. This positive streak may begin to fade around June-July, slowing down things. Hold on, though, and let this pass, says Ganesha. It is your personal sphere that shall need your undivided attention through the year. The more you nurture your special relationships, the sweeter shall they get. In marriage and committed relationships, it shall be important to remain frank. If you find your partner overbearing and annoying, say it. But, do not take your beloved for granted. Career-wise too you will need to be flexible. However, amidst all the stresses and strains, do not neglect your health.