22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

September 26, 2017

Today, there is a strong possibility that you may face unexpected job changes. You are likely to spend lavishly to please family and friends. You may feel we make money to spend on loved ones. Still it would probably be a good idea to count every penny before using it, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

September 24 to September 30, 2017

You are likely to be busy socialising and partying this week. During such sessions you will be on the lookout for some inputs that can help you make faster progress. A meaningful relationship is likely to take shape, which may help in advancing your interests. In the long run, too, this relationship may benefit you monetarily, foretells Ganesha. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you may take out time to improve the exterior looks of your House, besides making some changes in the interiors as well. With Saturn in direct mode, family life will be hunky dory. You are likely to enjoy some quality time with your spouse. At the workplace, you are likely to be uncomfortable for some reason. Your boss is likely to criticise your inconsistent performance. At times you may feel like rebelling and look for other options. Barring old health issue, you are likely to enjoy good general health. There is a possibility of a physical injury. On Sunday, Sun enters the sincere and dependable Virgo.

Monthly Horoscope

September 01 to September 30, 2017

A buzzing month, bustling with activities, awaits you. Socialising, partying, love, possibly beginning of a new relationship, misunderstanding, professional challenges—all shall keep you on your toes. And, happily, the stars help you stay prepared to deal with it all. You may come across a new person, as you step out dressed to hilt, one of the nights. Even if this doesn't turn out to be a romantic involvement, you can expect it to be useful for your future progress. If married, expect happiness. However, as the month wanes, stars become a little testy, leaving you stressed. Refrain from heated verbal exchanges and pointing fingers. Or else, the relationship stress may adversely affect your health. Work-wise, gear up for handling some troubled projects. Multitasking and struggle may exhaust you. But, being slow or incompetent is not be an option, says Ganesha. Don't let any complaint or criticism affect you. In business, be ready to meet some odds. The rule of the 9th House from your Sign, Jupiter, is in a combust state, dampening your luck, so there may be some financial glitches too. But, this is just a phase, and it will pass. If you are a fresher, taking up a job that requires frequent travelling may benefit you in the long run.

Yearly Horoscope


There will be highs and lows this year, but happily, the highs will overshadow the lows. Your finances will be good, despite a possible change in your job/career path. Property purchase or inheritance is likely. Plus, in the first half of the year, with Jupiter casting its influence over Saturn, you might see some major changes. This positive streak may begin to fade around June-July, slowing down things. Hold on, though, and let this pass, says Ganesha. It is your personal sphere that shall need your undivided attention through the year. The more you nurture your special relationships, the sweeter shall they get. In marriage and committed relationships, it shall be important to remain frank. If you find your partner overbearing and annoying, say it. But, do not take your beloved for granted. Career-wise too you will need to be flexible. However, amidst all the stresses and strains, do not neglect your health.