22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

July 29, 2014

Today, you will realise that in this materialistic world, everything is judged by its appearance, and what is unseen counts for nothing. You will work hard to be seen and will crave for attention. Though Ganesha strongly suggests that this will only bring you grief as the most beautiful of flowers shrivel and your appearance will not help you beyond a point, you are not likely to follow his advice. However, there is not denying that outward appearance does have its advantages.

Weekly Horoscope

July 27 to August 02, 2014

A hunky dory atmosphere shall prevail at your office, and you shall really enjoy working with your colleagues with such good sense of humour. Ganesha says this applies equally to professionals as well as businessmen. What's more, you will carry the positivity back home and dispel the gloom, if any, among your near and dear ones. The stars indicate that romance is in the air. If you are single and ready to mingle, you may expect to meet someone who will floor you on first sight, and if you take the initiative and work towards forging a relationship, Ganesha assures you that it can go a long way. For married couples, it will be smooth sailing and you will care a lot for each other. Sharing each other's feelings and emotions will strengthen your bond.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2014

The Sun and exalted Jupiter in your Sign may make you arrogant, egoistic, self-centred and overconfident during this time. Try making wise choices, honing your skills and displaying your creativity, instead. At work, be more assertive and practical. This shall help you execute ideas and accomplish projects with ease. Good thing is that this month, your emotions shall not affect your rationale. You may also receive some exciting job offers. Relations with business associates and staff shall be smooth. However, your business progress may slow down slightly. So, take corrective measures to maintain growth. Your financial position shall improve; the month ahead is also auspicious for financial planning. Hence, think seriously about monetary investments and budget. You may spend on leisure trips and entertainment. Domestic matters may bother you, so take care, before they worsen. Also avoid interfering in people's personal matters Last week of the month shall be favourable for proposing someone you love. Married couples shall enjoy marital bliss.

Yearly Horoscope


Family and finances shall take the centre-stage for the better part of the year. If you are single, be prepared to wait for some more time to meet your soul-mate. Well, there will be some romantic encounters but none of them is likely materialise into a serious relationship. Those in a committed relationship may find stars in their favour if they take their relationship to the next level this year. Financially, you will be in a much better position during 2014. On the business front, you may have to take risks to expedite growth. But the decision to push your luck may be a delicate one as your progress is at stake. Look before you leap, advises Ganesha. On the job front, the year ahead may prove to be a favourable one as the planetary alignment indicate that salary increment and promotion are in store for you. You may also consider changing your career altogether. However, don't take an impulsive decision about it.