22nd June to 22nd July



Daily Horoscope

May 26, 2015

Your social prestige will go up. People will praise your personality traits and try to emulate you. You will be a role model, too. Ganesha feels that this will be highly profitable day for you.

Weekly Horoscope

May 24 to May 30, 2015

Rise in your earnings is foreseen by Ganesha during this week. Money may come your way through renting or selling an old property or as a dividend on an earlier investment. With a large sum in hand, you might expend some money for your near and dear ones, and make their summer holidays more enjoyable. You may also visit a holy place with family, during this week. Sales and business persons can expect to gain around mid-week, by making short trips, which shall help them widen their customer base. However, some issues on the domestic front may keep you occupied, specifically around the weekend. At work too, you may feel tormented, as your boss may coerce you to increase your productivity. Love birds, though, shall have a gratifying time. On the other hand, married couples may feel that the spark in their love life is missing. Relax, and maintain a calm demeanour, as this will help you keep your relations harmonious.

Monthly Horoscope

May 01 to May 31, 2015

The month begins on a mixed note – there shall be some hectic times, but the promise of some respite shall keep you in a cheerful mood. However, if do not remain careful, this month you could miss out on some good opportunities--to make some extra cash. As per your planetary configurations, Ganesha also advises you to postpone taking important decisions regarding financial matters. Keep a watchful eye on your previous investments, and if the returns are not satisfactory, take steps to invest your funds in a better avenue. You are likely to gain by renting or selling a property. This will put you in a financially comfortable position. Being family-oriented, you are likely to decide to spend a part of this financial gain for your family’s betterment. You are also likely to plan a pilgrimage or a family outing to maintain the cheer and harmony. On the job front, even though the things may seem calm on surface, there may be some stuff boiling under. Keep an eye (and an ear) open to guard against the evil eye. The high-handed attitude of your boss may force you to look out for another job, and if you get one, you would do well to hop on, tips Ganesha.

Yearly Horoscope


There will be highs and lows this year, but happily, the highs will overshadow the lows. Your finances will be good, despite a possible change in your job/career path. Property purchase or inheritance is likely. Plus, in the first half of the year, with Jupiter casting its influence over Saturn, you might see some major changes. This positive streak may begin to fade around June-July, slowing down things. Hold on, though, and let this pass, says Ganesha. It is your personal sphere that shall need your undivided attention through the year. The more you nurture your special relationships, the sweeter shall they get. In marriage and committed relationships, it shall be important to remain frank. If you find your partner overbearing and annoying, say it. But, do not take your beloved for granted. Career-wise too you will need to be flexible. However, amidst all the stresses and strains, do not neglect your health.