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22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Daily Horoscope

March 05, 2015

Not many can match you when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and as Ganesha says, health won't be an issue today either. On the work front, you are likely to complete pending projects successfully and your boss, who may be furious because of the delay caused, will reluctantly admit that you did justice to the work and that it was worth the wait. While money matters may take a back seat later in the day, small issues will affect you in a big way.

Weekly Horoscope

March 01 to March 07, 2015

In the early stages of the week, you are likely to face some financial stress, foresees Ganesha. Even on the domestic front, your relationship with your spouse may not exactly be hunky dory. With some extra money coming your way around Tuesday and Wednesday, though, there shall be some respite. The full Moon will emerge in Virgo in the ninth House from your Sign, making you experience some very strong but contradictory feelings. To add to your desperation, full Moon will be influenced by retrograde Saturn placed in 12th House from your Sign. You shall be very disturbed emotionally because of some not-so-good developments in personal and professional life. If you are not alert and careful enough, these negative situations can also affect your health, so stay cool no matter what happens.

Monthly Horoscope

March 01 to March 31, 2015

The first fortnight of the month may not be very profitable for businessmen, but you can certainly look forward to an improved turnover during the second fortnight. Professionals will be preoccupied with pending assignments and new responsibilities throughout the month. You may have to work long hours, maybe even on holidays, to achieve your targets. Your family may resent this, colleagues may not be too co-operative, and your relations with your boss too may get strained, says Ganesha, and advises you to take things in your stride, remain optimistic and the stars will soon turn in your favour. The planetary positions indicate an uncertain and tricky time on the financial front this month. You may feel the pinch, as apart from foreseen expenses, there will also be unanticipated ones. Some respite might come in the form of a pending payment or return on your investments, but it may not be enough. Try to save as much as possible, and avoid lending money to anyone.

Yearly Horoscope


As negativities dissolve, the new year will bring in positive changes, feels Ganesha. However, don't expect them to happen overnight; they will come gradually. Divide the year in two clear parts – focus on execution in the first, and be ready to get pleasantly surprised in the second. Try to maintain a low profile. Most of the time, routine work shall keep you busy. Do maintain a balance in all you do, and avoid multi-tasking. A job change is very likely, but don't let the stress of both old and new take a toll on you. Take a break, if possible! And, do take very good care of your health. In love, remember that you shall be able to give your best to a relationship only if you yourself are in the best frame of mind and health. So, love and nurture yourself first, and then duly extend it to those who deserve the same.