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22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Daily Horoscope

April 19, 2015

Despite repeated failures, very few realise that the key to success is in having the patience of a saint. Vexation invariably leads to an outburst which, in turn, can ruin your reputation and future prospects in innumerable ways. Today, Ganesha advises you to keep your calm and smile back even if faced with an adverse situation. Doing as directed may help you overcome troubles and take the right decisions.

Weekly Horoscope

April 12 to April 18, 2015

If you have been suffering from ill-health of late, Ganesha predicts that this week's stars shall come to your rescue. You shall make a fast recovery, aided by happy planetary configurations. However, on the negative side, the stars do not augur too well for a certain personal or close to heart relationship/ friendship. You may be disappointed with someone dear to you, because of his/her behaviour, but this may also to do with your own past actions. Don't be quick to judge. Rather blame this turn of sides partly to the presence of two fiery planets in the 5th House from your Sign. Also, don’t lose your temper; and stay composed. Work-wise, businessmen will have a good time, during this period as they are likely to strike some lucrative deals around this time. On the financial front, your position shall be quite comfortable. Your future prospects look good, adds Ganesha.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2015

Your workaholic tendencies may not let you enjoy life to the hilt, although you may have made up your mind to do so. Your mind will keep reverting to work every time you try to let down your hair and have fun. You need to realise, says Ganesha, that both your body and mind need rest and relaxation, or else you will get fatigued, which may adversely affect your health. On the financial front, you may not exactly be short of money, but you are advised to look for new income options, just to make sure you have enough resources saved for future. Fortunately for you, in the latter half of April, Jupiter will come to your rescue, helping you fix all your finance related worries. Make sure you invest your hard earned money wisely; this will give you a sense of security. Businessmen will see remarkable progress in turnover and profits. If you play your cards well, you will strike gold through a few deals, and will no longer have to worry about your finances.

Yearly Horoscope


As negativities dissolve, the new year will bring in positive changes, feels Ganesha. However, don't expect them to happen overnight; they will come gradually. Divide the year in two clear parts – focus on execution in the first, and be ready to get pleasantly surprised in the second. Try to maintain a low profile. Most of the time, routine work shall keep you busy. Do maintain a balance in all you do, and avoid multi-tasking. A job change is very likely, but don't let the stress of both old and new take a toll on you. Take a break, if possible! And, do take very good care of your health. In love, remember that you shall be able to give your best to a relationship only if you yourself are in the best frame of mind and health. So, love and nurture yourself first, and then duly extend it to those who deserve the same.