22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Daily Horoscope

August 19, 2017

Whether you're an artist, performer, professional or an entrepreneur, career issues will take the foreground today, while personal matters will wait in queue for your attention, says Ganesha. Your performance will be at its all-time high, and your efforts will be duly rewarded, but credit for this must go to your loved ones who will lend their unceasing support for all your endeavours.

Weekly Horoscope

August 13 to August 19, 2017

The of the New Moon last week is now likely to induce you to think afresh about your work strategy. Progressive forces are at work this week, feels Ganesha. The time is good for businessmen to try to increase market share. Over the weekend, you may miss some good earning opportunity, because of your casual approach. Professionals may continue to be pressurised by superiors to work faster. With aggressive Mars and Saturn having a square aspect over each other, your immune system may get affected. Seasonal changes may affect your health. Aspect of Mars over Saturn may lead to old health issues cropping up again. Your digestive system is likely to get disturbed, so take care of your diet. There is also a possibility of getting injured. On Sunday, Sun comes out of its own Sign Leo and enters Virgo. Sun then joins Mercury and Jupiter posited in the 9th House from your Sign.

Monthly Horoscope

August 01 to August 31, 2017

Love roller coasters? You better do, as this month looks set to offer you one hell of a ride—thankfully, largely pleasant and pleasurable, even if somewhat bumpy, at times. You will feel luck is on your side, as the month begins. Things will suddenly seem quite possible, filling your otherwise skeptic and conservative self with plenty of nerve and verve. Great going! But, sadly this happy ride may soon hit a bump, especially given the undue pressure from seniors at work. Don’t let stress affect your performance. And, stay alert, or you may miss out on a good opportunity. The phase shall be favourable for students opting for higher studies, and freelancers who are looking for new and lucrative assignments to work on. On the home front, the rising expenses may bother you. Working in unison, along with your loved ones, specifically your spouse, towards a common cause will yield fruitful results, assures Ganesha. Health, as usual will be average. A minor fall or accident is indicated during mid-August. Take care! An elderly person in the family may require close monitoring. Emotions may run high, at times. Take to meditation to soothe your nerves. Also, remain careful when it comes to new contacts, and more so when it involves a member of the opposite sex.

Yearly Horoscope


As negativities dissolve, the new year will bring in positive changes, feels Ganesha. However, don't expect them to happen overnight; they will come gradually. Divide the year in two clear parts – focus on execution in the first, and be ready to get pleasantly surprised in the second. Try to maintain a low profile. Most of the time, routine work shall keep you busy. Do maintain a balance in all you do, and avoid multi-tasking. A job change is very likely, but don't let the stress of both old and new take a toll on you. Take a break, if possible! And, do take very good care of your health. In love, remember that you shall be able to give your best to a relationship only if you yourself are in the best frame of mind and health. So, love and nurture yourself first, and then duly extend it to those who deserve the same.