22nd Dec to 20th Jan

Daily Horoscope

May 26, 2015

If trouble happens to knock at your door today, your guardian angel will come to your rescue, foresees Ganesha. Unlike many others who waste life running after impossible goals, you will be content with your achievements. But that does not, by any means, imply that you aren't ambitious. Just like yourself, your ambitions will be simple in nature, to the extent that it may elicit awe among people.

Weekly Horoscope

May 24 to May 30, 2015

As always, work may remain the major cause behind many of your life's confusions. You may get worked up or feel jittery, owing ot some arguments or differences with your seniors. Looking for better job prospects shall, thus, remain high on your agenda. However, as the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, is currently retrograde, and is posited in the 12th House from your Sign, it would be best for you to lie low and let this phase pass. Accept that this feeling of drudgery or the present uncongenial atmosphere will continue for a while, and simply, stop getting affected by this so much. Business-persons too may face a hard time this week, especially while clinching orders from some prestigious customers, so much so that they might have to finally close the deal with a thin profit margin. You may also feel uncomfortable financially, and shall anxiously seek other sources to increase your earnings. Minor health problems are also foreseen. Remain positive, says Ganesha, as at this time, most negative things shall be, largely, in your mind than in manifest.

Monthly Horoscope

May 01 to May 31, 2015

Your personal life and monetary matters largely dominate your platter this month. In all likelihood, this is likely to be a routine, monotonous month. You shall not find much intellectual stimulation, and the monotony may drain you in the initial part of the month. Ganesha points out that this is the best time to unwind and recharge your batteries. Perhaps you could take a small break and go on an excursion for a change of air. On and off, though, there are bound to be some stimulating opportunities, which you will need to be ready to grab. Personally, you will tend to be a bit of an introvert, and your lack of involvement, whether at home or in office, may be misconstrued as arrogance, and people around you may not take it too kindly. Refrain from getting worked up by criticism. Take this in right spirit, and push yourself to improve. If you wish to change your job, the retrograde Saturn in the 12th House from your Sign may dampen your efforts. Hang on, thus, for some time. Freelancers and businessmen will have to put in extra efforts to make significant progress. Don't blow your money up indiscriminately.

Yearly Horoscope


As negativities dissolve, the new year will bring in positive changes, feels Ganesha. However, don't expect them to happen overnight; they will come gradually. Divide the year in two clear parts – focus on execution in the first, and be ready to get pleasantly surprised in the second. Try to maintain a low profile. Most of the time, routine work shall keep you busy. Do maintain a balance in all you do, and avoid multi-tasking. A job change is very likely, but don't let the stress of both old and new take a toll on you. Take a break, if possible! And, do take very good care of your health. In love, remember that you shall be able to give your best to a relationship only if you yourself are in the best frame of mind and health. So, love and nurture yourself first, and then duly extend it to those who deserve the same.