22nd May to 21st June

Daily Horoscope

July 23, 2014

Even though it is for your own benefit, you will spend the day safeguarding the sentiments of others. Not too uncharacteristic, but unusual nonetheless. For most part of the day, you will be away from your family, mostly on a trip for business or leisure purposes. Today, family takes a backseat and having a successful career will be the only thing on your mind.

Weekly Horoscope

July 20 to July 26, 2014

The stars are going to favour your communication skills this week, foretells Ganesha. This factor will greatly help you in the conduct of your tasks, as in if you need the help of a co-worker, you will be easily able to persuade him/her to help you out. On the financial front, you may expect to receive some good news, such as an impending increment. Money may even flow in from some unexpected source, raising your spirits, and you may decide to splurge on the material desires of your near and dear ones. However, Ganesha advises you to set aside a substantial portion of your unexpected income for long-term investments. On the personal front, this is an auspicious time to try and bridge the rifts that may have developed in your relationships.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2014

You may come up with tricks and tactics to impress people, and gather attention, this month. Don't go overboard, though; Ganesha advises you to display your sense of humour within limits. On your own, you may feel quite sensitive around mid-July. However, find balance and avoid reacting impulsively. Work may be monotonous, and projects might move slowly. Also, you may be expected to work quickly and efficiently, towards the month-end. Yet, results may not be forthcoming, due to unexpected delays. Anyway, your patience and hard-work shall be duly rewarded. Be quick and practical to move ahead in business. Thankfully, profits may increase; expansion is likely. Official tours may prove fruitful. Financial gains through unexpected sources are foreseen. Strive to increase your savings; check existing investments. Sudden losses in speculative transactions are likely. Retrograde Mercury may influence your decisions negatively. Domestic matters may keep you tense. Remain positive, since you may have to take important decisions. Change your perspective!

Yearly Horoscope


During the year 2014, you need to take a good care of yourself. Ensure at all times that your health and energy levels are in top shape, or the other aspects of your life may get adversely affected. In the matters of heart, this doesn't seem to be a very exciting year, especially if you happen to be single or unattached at the moment. Occasional romance, flings and flirty exchanges may come your way, but a serious relationship is not on the platter in 2014. However, if you are married or are in a committed relationship, you may have a wonderful time with your beloved – the going shall be smooth, in short. You will try to strengthen your bond, and shall come closer to each other. In matters other than theses, the planetary positions strongly suggest that you keep a close watch on your finances, or a financial crunch may become unavoidable. Competition on the business front may get fiercer during 2014, hence ensure that you make foolproof strategies. Take career-related decisions only after considering all the pros and cons. A work change may be unavoidable, but avoid furious job-hopping at all costs!