22nd May to 21st June

Daily Horoscope

November 01, 2014

You need to guard against hurting the sentiments of anyone today. You need to pay greater attention to the problems of your elders and solve their issues. Post noon you may find yourself busy in religious or intellectual pursuits, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

October 26 to November 01, 2014

This week your fertile imagination shall inspire you to build castles in the air and you shall talk of big plans. Ganesha advises you to remain grounded and avoid getting into traps laid by your own flighty ideas. If your ideas are not founded in reality, they won't materialise. This week you shall be benefited by a colleague of the opposite sex. On the whole, though, this is a relatively balanced week. Ganesha feels that matters related to inheritance will now come to the fore. If you have been expecting an inheritance but the matter has been getting delayed, this week you may expect the result to come out in your favour. For students, this is going to be an average week with Mercury and North Node's degreecal conjunction in Libra. There is a slight danger of becoming temperamental.

Monthly Horoscope

November 01 to November 30, 2014

With your professional stature growing, your superiors may consider putting more responsibility on your shoulders this month, predicts Ganesha. So, brace up for a hectic month ahead, specifically on the work front. The pressure will keep mounting, and more and more will be expected from you, leaving you no choice but to invest extra hours on the job. You may even try to do some slick multi-tasking. However, as the month rolls on, you will get used to working long hours, and your concentration will improve. In fact, what you may have thought as impossible may then begin looking possible. If you are a businessman, you need to be very careful of customer satisfaction. You may have to improve the quality of your products or services. Raising funds or getting into a partnership deal will not pose any problem as the stars are in your favour. Some unforeseen expenses are foreseen so set aside some reserves for it. There may be some health issues, so be careful of your diet and fitness.

Yearly Horoscope


During the year 2014, you need to take a good care of yourself. Ensure at all times that your health and energy levels are in top shape, or the other aspects of your life may get adversely affected. In the matters of heart, this doesn't seem to be a very exciting year, especially if you happen to be single or unattached at the moment. Occasional romance, flings and flirty exchanges may come your way, but a serious relationship is not on the platter in 2014. However, if you are married or are in a committed relationship, you may have a wonderful time with your beloved – the going shall be smooth, in short. You will try to strengthen your bond, and shall come closer to each other. In matters other than theses, the planetary positions strongly suggest that you keep a close watch on your finances, or a financial crunch may become unavoidable. Competition on the business front may get fiercer during 2014, hence ensure that you make foolproof strategies. Take career-related decisions only after considering all the pros and cons. A work change may be unavoidable, but avoid furious job-hopping at all costs!