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22nd May to 21st June

Daily Horoscope

February 28, 2015

Today, you would love to spend as much time alone as possible with your sweetheart, says Ganesha. A casual conversation between the two of you may culminate into a sensuous consummation. In the evening, you will keep people charmed with your wit and wisdom, feels Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

February 22 to February 28, 2015

Ganesha predicts that the planets will support you in career-related matters this week. Your seniors shall appreciate your efforts, and you may also receive some concrete rewards. Businessmen shall have a reason to cheer, as most things are likely to go as planned, yielding positive results. However, those engaged in partnership business could run into trouble, as they may find it difficult to reach a consensus with their partners on important matters. Although well-placed financially, you may not be able to save much this week. Unexpected expenses could make things a bit difficult. Thankfully, despite this, you may not face much of a financial constraint as such, feels Ganesha. Your past savings and investments will come in handy in bailing you out of financial trouble, if any.

Monthly Horoscope

February 01 to February 28, 2015

This month, you will work towards your goals energetically, and seeing your dedication, your superiors will give a positive feedback to your boss, who, too, will appreciate your work and give you the due rewards. Around the middle of the month, some upheavals on the domestic front will demand your attention. For some of you, things may worsen to such an extent that you may feel like breaking off, but Ganesha advises you not to take any decision impulsively. The tricky phase will pass, and then you can start reviewing things to take a mature decision. In the latter part of the month, the stars will turn to your favour, and will help you stay out of trouble, but your personal problems may take a little longer to get resolved. However, during this phase you can at least initiate appropriate steps to restore harmony in your personal life. On the financial front there may be some unexpected expenses, but nothing that you can't control.

Yearly Horoscope


Ganesha advises you to go with the flow this year and have faith in your instincts. You will be lucky on and off. As the year begins, you may be feeling confused and directionless; thus your progress will be tedious. However, don't be disheartened. Relax, and if you have some spare time, utilise it to recharge yourself by indulging in some hobby. On the financial front, avoid wasteful expenditure. Do take care of your health too, and steer clear of junk food. In the former half of the year, you may have a spat or two with a friend, colleague or a loved one, which may derail you somewhat. Here too, your hobby will stave off negativities. If you are into business, expect to start seeing profits post-August 2015. Around the same time, you may also expect many of your woes nearing an end. A new meaningful relationship is also foreseen.