23rd July to 22nd Aug

Daily Horoscope

September 02, 2014

You need to keep your temper in check and guard against being aggressive today. You need to channelise your energies towards some productive pursuits, otherwise you may make someone the target of your anger. The good thing about the day is you will make satisfactory progress on work related issues.

Weekly Horoscope

August 31 to September 06, 2014

Financial matters, particularly with regard to economising your affairs, shall dominate this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall try to cut down on your costs, which shall be rather difficult for you because you believe in living luxuriously. You shall closely review your budget and try to pinpoint exactly which are the areas where you can reduce expenses. This shall hold true for professionals and businessmen alike. Alongside, you may be on the lookout for avenues that can help you enhance your income, as you may have begun to feel that your present income is inadequate to fulfil all your desires. On the other hand, you may be acutely conscious of the utter futility of such material pursuits, realising that these pleasures are all transient, and may end up seeking solace in spirituality, hoping that it provides a more permanent source of happiness.

Monthly Horoscope

September 01 to September 30, 2014

You shall become very conscious about your public image now. You may go out of your way to extend help to the less fortunate people of the society. Make your travel plans meticulous. Your communication skills shall help you to crack new deals, and solve tricky issues at work. The planets are now favourably aligned on the career front. Still, you will have to work hard to improve your performance at work. In business, review your budget and reduce expenses. Also, try to improve productivity to take your business a notch higher. On the personal front, attempts to avoid unnecessary expenditure may not yield impressive results, as you live luxuriously. Besides, your income may not increase. Hence, you may try your luck in speculative transactions. However, don't push your luck too far, advises Ganesha. In a strange way, material pursuits shall draw you towards spiritualism. Your self-confidence may be affected, especially due to domestic matters. However, you shall overcome the negativities. Besides, a new relationship might blossom.

Yearly Horoscope


You may go through some major changes in the coming year and some long-cherished dreams may now be realised. The planetary positions indicate a love affair in your life, so if you have feelings for someone, go ahead and propose to them, and get ready to embark on an amorous, romantic journey. However, for the married ones, the going may get tough this year, especially owing to certain domestic matters, which may cause conflict. The first half of the year is not very favourable for monetary matters too. Ganesha strongly advises you to be careful with your finances, and urges you to banish any thoughts of taking loans to invest in get-rich-quick schemes. On the business front, you may be tempted to push your luck and introduce some experimental strategies. Behold, for the first few months of the year may not be very helpful. However, the scenario may change during the second half of 2014, so you can shift gears then. Be patient! Similar may be the case on the career front. Avoid any impulsive decision regarding your career issues.