23rd July to 22nd Aug

Daily Horoscope

August 01, 2015

Have you ever marvelled at how circus artists do all those tricks while walking the tightrope? Well, don't be too surprised at their abilities, because as far as Ganesha sees, today you have some pretty good skills yourself as you balance business and pleasure. On the home front, be proud of your children as they excel in academics and sports. On the social front, Ganesha thinks you shall find the time to mingle with friends and relatives.

Weekly Horoscope

July 26 to August 01, 2015

The Moon will now be placed in Sagittarius. The aspect of Jupiter over Moon is likely to induce you to focus on growth in your pursuit, while the aspect of retrograde Saturn over your sign and also over the 10th House, is likely to have a subduing effect and make you aware of ground realities and your limitations. Saturn will help you strengthen your base before you embark on anything big. You may need to overcome odds and remain focused to attain the desired level of growth. Professionals will need to learn a few new things in their field and brush up your skills to handle new challenges successfully. Freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity may need to compromise over the position offered if you are in a hurry to get employed. There are no major financial gains this week and you may have to manage with your regular income. This may be one reason why you may not be able to save much now.

Monthly Horoscope

August 01 to August 31, 2015

Agreed that you are brimming with energy, as the month begins. But, don't take this as a reason to try to do too many things, at a go. Focus and concentrate, even as you go about impressing all and sundry with your eloquence and ability. You may be entrusted with a prestigious task. Explore new avenues and brush up your skills. For businessmen, it will be a good time to venture into a new territory. Mid-month, if you find yourself too challenged by the looming deadlines, speak up. Get in touch with your team and seniors to try and find a mutually agreeable solution. And, you will! If you are a fresher, you may get lucky, adds Ganesha. However, all may not be hunky dory on the home front. Arguments and verbal spats, if they happen, may take an ugly turn. Be careful, or circumstances may spoil your image. Two major planets - Jupiter and Sun - posited in the 2nd House from your Sign, though, indicate guests, friends and relatives. Talking, chatting and gossiping shall keep you happy, but you will need to stay alert. Expenses remain high, but so do the returns, thus creating a happy equilibrium. However, it's you health that may suffer, owing to all the running around and family stress. Take care.

Yearly Horoscope


The new year shall begin on a high note, and you shall feel energetic enough to take on the world. However, you shall be introspective too, and if you manage to draw constructive lessons from this, your progress will noticeably hasten, promises Ganesha. In the first part of the year, you may feel success eluding you. Don't lose heart; this effect of retrograde Jupiter passing through your Sign shall wane gradually. By March, you are likely to have a clearer vision, especially regarding finances. Watch your health, as it may cause you trouble on some accounts. In love, if you are married or committed, stars may largely support you. Your beloved shall shower his/her attention on you. If you are planning to get married too, the year seems right. September 2015 onwards, the time shall be suitable for taking concrete action. Professionals and businessmen may have to wait patiently for the right opportunities.