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23rd July to 22nd Aug

Daily Horoscope

April 28, 2015

Your decisions today will be not only be correct, but also resolute and steadfast. Your health will be fine. At the work-place, things ought to proceed as usual. However, you will concentrate more on work today. In personal relationships, some minor arguments could crop up. Take care not to let them blow up into major confrontations, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

April 26 to May 02, 2015

Some negativity in the beginning of the week could make you feel generally low. Mars, placed in the 10th House, will aspect your Sign. This may work well in making you feel important and helping you conduct yourself confidently. But as a negative effect, you could become hot-headed and overtly reactive. You may also have a hard time looking at the situation in the right perspective and taking criticism in your stride. At work, this kind of attitude could strain your relations with your boss and also hurt your future growth prospects. Businessmen, too, are bound to suffer on account of this negativity, but Ganesha assures you that it will have practically no effect on your financial prospects for the week. Try meditating to channelise your thoughts positively.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2015

Businessmen may look forward to a great month in April, says Ganesha. The efforts you have put into your business till now will start to bear fruit. As the month progresses, things will get even better. The planets will help you take correct decisions, as far as expansion plans are concerned. You may also come across a very good opportunity to make money; make sure you recognise and grab it in time. If you are into manufacturing sector, this is a favourable period for introducing a new product or idea in the market. Finances will pose no problems, as you shall have enough to cover all your needs, but health will need special care. If you have been suffering from hypertension, be extra vigilant and make sure you monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. Drive carefully; this will nullify the possibility of any mishap. During this phase there is a strong possibility that you shall get attracted towards spirituality. Introspection will help you find answers to many unanswered questions.

Yearly Horoscope


The new year shall begin on a high note, and you shall feel energetic enough to take on the world. However, you shall be introspective too, and if you manage to draw constructive lessons from this, your progress will noticeably hasten, promises Ganesha. In the first part of the year, you may feel success eluding you. Don't lose heart; this effect of retrograde Jupiter passing through your Sign shall wane gradually. By March, you are likely to have a clearer vision, especially regarding finances. Watch your health, as it may cause you trouble on some accounts. In love, if you are married or committed, stars may largely support you. Your beloved shall shower his/her attention on you. If you are planning to get married too, the year seems right. September 2015 onwards, the time shall be suitable for taking concrete action. Professionals and businessmen may have to wait patiently for the right opportunities.