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23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

Daily Horoscope

April 21, 2015

There is a very strong possibility of major improvements in your public standing and image today. But it all depends so much upon your personal character, and, therefore, you must guard it zealously, even with your own life. Those who seek to malign or dent your reputation will be disappointed, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

April 19 to April 25, 2015

Though the planetary positions are not too favourable, you may be quite comfortable at your workplace as there won’t be any pressure to hurry things up. Relations with superiors will be cordial, putting you even more at ease. However, this week may not be so good for businessmen, as you are likely to miss an opportunity to strike a profitable deal. An increase in expenses related to family affairs shall leave you with little money to save. On top of it, you may have to lend money to a relative or friend, something which you may not be able to refuse, at the moment. Freelancers may have a difficult time finding a well-paying assignment. But singles may get lucky now, as their search for a love partner may be backed by the stars, and they may come across just the sort of person they may have dreamt of.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2015

Ganesha predicts that this is the right time for you to shoot out job applications, if you are looking for a change, or are a fresher, because the chances of getting a favourable response are bright. You shall also have many choices, so think hard about all aspects, and grab the right opportunity. You can also look forward to appreciation coming your way now. Although, your peers may not be very co-operative in the last few days of the month, they will help you in a broad manner, and shall have no option, but to acknowledge your good work, during the rest of the month. If you are a businessman, you may expect a lucrative opportunity to come your way, but if you don't stay alert you are likely to miss out on it. Unforeseen expenditure may upset your budget a little this month. You may have to lend money to a close friend or relative in dire need and this may be the main reason for your disturbed budget. No need to worry, for you will surely balance your finances very soon, assures Ganesha.

Yearly Horoscope


You may feel a bit out of sync as the year begins. That, however, doesn't imply that you won't be enjoying yourself. In fact, juggling all the work and personal aspects shall bring you a newer perspective and open novel avenues, waiting to be explored. North Node's challenging transit through your Sign will need to be handled carefully. You may realise that diplomacy and tactfulness are not yielding desired results, which may make you assertive, which, in turn, will help you accomplish the tasks. Don't go overboard, though; keep your cool and stay focused. From April onwards, your growth prospects will improve. Yet, this year nothing will come easy, and you may have to work harder than ever. In relationships too, you will need to be compassionate to ensure a smooth ride. On the financial front you shall be comfortable, as the increasing expenses will be compensated by increasing income.