23rd Sept to 22nd Oct

Daily Horoscope

December 19, 2014

Handling people was never so easy, points out Ganesha, as today, you do extremely well in the area of public relations. You have the answers to satisfy all, and keep them that way. So, do not be surprised if you happen to find yourself assigned to some sort of a probing and demanding job at work. When you are the best, you always seem to get the raw deal. Carry your charm forward to the evening, and sweep the opposite sex off their feet with your appeal, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

December 14 to December 20, 2014

You shall be presenting yourself with greater confidence during this week whether in office or at social gatherings, predicts Ganesha. You shall interact with the higher-ups in your organisation. You are likely to receive good news about relatives or siblings this week. The flow of communication between you and others shall be smooth. You shall also realise that your communication skills have improved and people now take you more seriously. There shall be lots of scope of betterment in your work area and you shall be making the best use of this week to improve the quality of your work. This is the best time to invite people to your home or take them out for a dinner. This is also a very good week for reciprocating favours that you may have taken from others in the past.

Monthly Horoscope

December 01 to December 31, 2014

Stick to the tried and tested methods this month, advises Ganesha. Don't try to experiment too much, no matter how boring your work may seem to be. The time is not very favourable for implementing any change, even in your basic approach to work. However, you will have your fair share of exciting moments, during which you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. One factor which could make you feel depressed is the fact that though you have been putting your heart and soul into your work, the due rewards that you may have been expecting may not be anywhere in sight. But rest assured that there is no need to lose heart. The recognition and rewards will come in due course of time. Try to stay contented with what you have, and you will feel really positive. On the personal front, try to maintain a healthy equation with your life-partner, which you can do by avoiding unnecessary arguments and ego hassles.

Yearly Horoscope


The planetary alignment indicate that you will have trouble controlling your temper during the year ahead. Be very careful of your words and actions as even petty issues may go out of hand in no time. As far as your love life is concerned, there will some ups and downs during year 2014. Be unbiased and practical while sorting out issues with your beloved, else you will not be able to stop things from going bad to worse. This year, you need to be very clear about how you are going to handle your finances. According to Ganesha, you should pay special attention to your spendings and cash outflow. Whereas for your business, it may prove to be an excellent year. In all likelihood, you will come across lucrative business opportunities. The transiting Jupiter may bring you a favourable period on the career front in the form of a promotion or an increment. Well, be prepared to accept more responsibilities.