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19th Feb to 20th March

Daily Horoscope

February 28, 2015

Anticipation is all the fun. Sadly, this only alludes to your months-in-preparation travel plans that are most likely to be delayed today on one count or the other. Though, if this is any consolation, your trip, when it finally occurs, will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction that you expected out of it, if not more, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

February 22 to February 28, 2015

This appears to be a favourable week on the monetary front. Apart from your regular source of income, there is a strong possibility of money pouring in from other sources. This may be in the form of returns from an investment made earlier, or some incentive or arrears paid by your employer. For businessmen, short-term travel is likely to be fruitful, and could also mean getting new customers. This is also a good time for exploring new territories for expanding your business. However, you shall have to plan your travels in keeping with your circumstances. Overall, it’s a good time to strengthen your financial position. On the domestic front, you may need to be more accommodative to maintain peace and harmony. Take care of your health by avoiding eating junk food.

Monthly Horoscope

February 01 to February 28, 2015

You may feel a bit unlucky in the initial stages of the month, feels Ganesha, and you may feel emotionally hurt by minor things which you would normally ignore. Moreover, you may continue to face hostile situations at work and home for some time. As a result your relationship with your better half may also be strained initially. And, since both of you will be on an ego trip, as of now, a compromise is also quite unlikely. But, don't lose heart, as things will begin to improve after the second week of the month. You will then be able to think more clearly, and take a decisive action to bring an end to your woes. On the health front, do not neglect minor ailments, and take prompt treatment. In the latter part of the month, the stars will take a positive turn, and you will be able to see the right direction and take steps towards achieving your objectives. Travel is on the cards, and will prove to be fruitful.

Yearly Horoscope


People who thought you were too laid-back will have to change their opinion. You will be functioning optimally this year, which Ganesha says will be hectic. At times, work may get too monotonous. If you are a retired person, or someone without a fixed work schedule, routine chores may keep you busy. Don't expect immediate rewards. Stay cool, or stress may lay you low. There may be conflicts at home, which may be disturbing, and you may have to take to yoga or meditation to relieve the stress. At work, be humble while dealing with superiors. Financially, this is not a time for taking any major risks. In love, you may continue to remain unsure about a relationship. Have faith, because your planetary positions shall be quite favourable for building a strong emotional bond. April and May would be auspicious for marriage. Health may pose problems if you don't meditate or do yoga regularly.