19th Feb to 20th March

Daily Horoscope

July 05, 2015

While you have cultivated a wide network of acquaintances, it is that core group you have nurtured over the years that will stand you in good stead now. In times of need, it is good to know that you can bank on their support. Today, you will get your chance to experience the benefits of their friendship, says Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

June 28 to July 04, 2015

At the beginning of this week, the Moon will be placed in your sign. Pisces can be described as sensitive, spiritual, scrupulous, stubborn, and often sympathetic yet shrewd. The ruler of your sign, Jupiter, will be in Leo and placed in the 6th House from your sign, mainly related to ailments, diseases and adversity. This planetary position indicates that you are likely to be stressed on account of one issue or the other most of the time. If you are suffering from any chronic or old health issue, this is the time when you will need to be very careful. But the good news is that the aspect of this benevolent planet is likely to have a soothing effect. The influence over the 10th House related to Karma seems conducive for growth. Businesspersons may be able to consolidate their position effectively and work toward increasing their market share. If you are doing a job, there is a likelihood of you being entrusted with some important task to handle. This will keep you motivated and help you improve your performance.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2015

Be ready and willing to take up some critical and unique projects at your workplace, around the beginning of this month. Okay, your timid self may not allow you to relax, when something so new and different is on the platter, but give it a try this time. And, the benefits shall be manifold. This will give you an opportunity to establish your credentials. Luck is on your side now, and thus, you shall see yourself easily accomplishing many of your tasks, even the difficult tasks. Make the best use of this favourable period, advises Ganesha. You are a meticulous person, and this inherent quality will be applauded by your seniors as well as other co-workers now. This is also a good time for business-persons to strengthen their position in the market. Financially, though, there may be some ups and downs, but nothing that you won't sail through. However, do save money for future rainy days. Home affairs shall be demanding in the month's first part, while work matters shall rule the roost in the second half. Happily, your marital life will be pleasant at this time, and you can expect good support from your partner. If you are unmarried, though, things may not be as blissful. Guard against nervousness and anxiety, and take care of you suffer from a chronic illness.

Yearly Horoscope


People who thought you were too laid-back will have to change their opinion. You will be functioning optimally this year, which Ganesha says will be hectic. At times, work may get too monotonous. If you are a retired person, or someone without a fixed work schedule, routine chores may keep you busy. Don't expect immediate rewards. Stay cool, or stress may lay you low. There may be conflicts at home, which may be disturbing, and you may have to take to yoga or meditation to relieve the stress. At work, be humble while dealing with superiors. Financially, this is not a time for taking any major risks. In love, you may continue to remain unsure about a relationship. Have faith, because your planetary positions shall be quite favourable for building a strong emotional bond. April and May would be auspicious for marriage. Health may pose problems if you don't meditate or do yoga regularly.