23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Daily Horoscope

September 01, 2014

Actions speaking louder than words could never have been truer for you than it is today. Let the force of your actions do the talking. You may find yourself working on personality development and self-improvement later in the day. While some of your actions will be channelled to renovating your abode, still others may initiate constructing your dream home.

Weekly Horoscope

August 31 to September 06, 2014

Your focus this week shall be on matters related to finance, knowledge and position/ power, predicts Ganesha. You shall be ready to sacrifice your interests for others and shall pass on your opportunities to those around you, but they may turn out to be very selfish and may not return the favour. Still, you shall continue doing the noble work without thinking much about rewards. During this week you may wish to spend a lot of time in deep introspection for which you may require absolute solitude. You are probably profoundly lost in thoughts about a particular subject, and unless you find your answers, you may continue in such an absent-minded manner. However you shall be secretive about it and when you have to socialize, you won't even let people get an inkling about what's on your mind. In short, this week strongly indicates an inward journey.

Monthly Horoscope

September 01 to September 30, 2014

This month, you shall love to spend time in solitude. You will be kind-hearted, but that kindness may not be reciprocated. However, Ganesha advises you to continue with the good work. You shall feel inclined towards spirituality, and will try to explore your inner self. On the work front, you shall be preoccupied with too many tasks. Your career front, though, shall gradually become less problematic and more inspiring. Avoid ego clashes or arguments with your bosses over trivial matters. On the business front, things shall be slightly shaky, as Mercury is not well-placed. Your calculations may go wrong, and profits may decrease sharply. So, don't take unnecessary risks. However, things shall improve as the month progresses. On the personal front, you shall take good care of your dear ones. Besides, Ganesha says your energy levels shall be above average. Hence you should engage yourself in activities that help you burn those extra calories, or else you may end up channelising them negatively.

Yearly Horoscope


The first few months of year 2014 may be quite dull. However, things will gradually gain some pace and soon you may find yourself busy with matters related to finance, family and work commitments. The year ahead may prove tricky for your married life as there are chances that you will have a tough time maintaining your loyalty towards your spouse. There may be temptations, instigating you to stray from your relationship path. Watch out! Saturn's transit through the 12th House from your Sign may make it difficult for you to strike a balance between inflow and outflow of cash. Cut down on unnecessary expenditure to dilute the intensity of the issue. Nevertheless, it may be an auspicious period for your business. However, pay enough attention to the financial aspect of your business. At work, you will get a number of opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity, foresees Ganesha. Make the most of this favourable period!