23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Daily Horoscope

April 19, 2014

A balanced day is in store today. Find yourself as much at home as at your desk. You may engage in a time of fun and games with your buddies. But when it comes to family, something more practical, like re-arranging your house, is on the cards.

Weekly Horoscope

April 13 to April 19, 2014

Ganesha predicts you may be totally preoccupied with financial matters this week. You will concern yourself not only with how to make more money, including through speculative activity on the stock market, but at the same time will take appropriate cost-cutting measures, without compromising on the basic material comforts of your near and dear ones. You may go ahead and take calculated risks, but certainly not reckless ones, but be prepared for disappointments as your transactions may not yield the quantum of profits envisaged by you. On other fronts, Ganesha says that your creativity will come to the fore, and you are likely to come up with novel ideas to accomplish your goals, which will please your superiors no end. You will also take out time to broaden the horizons of your knowledge by reading on a variety of subjects.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2014

This month you shall be very positive, down to earth and practical in whatever you do, foretells Ganesha. Since you are perfectly well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it will help you work to your full potential while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls that you may encounter. You will be thorough in whatever you do, and will religiously avoid cutting corners as some of your co-workers may be doing. Besides, Ganesha warns you that some people may become jealous of you and therefore try to pose obstacles in your way, but they are not likely to have any effect on you as you will be marching ahead with full zest and energy. Businessmen will develop new avenues for spreading operations, besides increasing the tempo of current operations with existing associates. Financially you will be comfortable this month, but avoid indulging in risky or speculative transactions.

Yearly Horoscope


The first few months of year 2014 may be quite dull. However, things will gradually gain some pace and soon you may find yourself busy with matters related to finance, family and work commitments. The year ahead may prove tricky for your married life as there are chances that you will have a tough time maintaining your loyalty towards your spouse. There may be temptations, instigating you to stray from your relationship path. Watch out! Saturn's transit through the 12th House from your Sign may make it difficult for you to strike a balance between inflow and outflow of cash. Cut down on unnecessary expenditure to dilute the intensity of the issue. Nevertheless, it may be an auspicious period for your business. However, pay enough attention to the financial aspect of your business. At work, you will get a number of opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity, foresees Ganesha. Make the most of this favourable period!