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23rd Nov to 21st Dec

Daily Horoscope

April 18, 2015

Today, you will probably emerge as the victorious gladiator in the arena of sports and games, says Ganesha. But later in the day, some hurdles may come across your path. At your desk, your bosses might just lend you a helping hand to assist you to finish off pending jobs.

Weekly Horoscope

April 12 to April 18, 2015

If you are fresh out of college and looking out for a job, this week could prove to be fruitful for you. As an important change, ruler of the 10th House from your Sign, Mercury, will enter the fixed, earth Sign Taurus on Wednesday. This will make Mercury and Venus come in exchange with each other. But this planetary shift does not bode well for marital life as it may create disharmony. Those of you in a relationship are also likely to feel disappointed by the unresponsive attitude of the person you love. But do not get worked up over this. Instead, try to stay busy with work-related issues. Most of you may find it hard to meet regular expenses, but the salaried class will be spared by the stars. Travel will benefit businessmen and marketing personnel.

Monthly Horoscope

April 01 to April 30, 2015

On the personal front, there is a possibility of an argument between family members taking an ugly turn, disrupting domestic harmony – for many of you this month. You may have to deal with this situation very tactfully, and sort out the differences. To please them, you may decide to meet their demands, some reasonable and some unreasonable. But you should not mind that, says Ganesha, because it will help to bring back peace at home. Although no major problem is foreseen in your married life, you may not exactly be happy either. All may not be hunky dory for those in a relationship. Keep calm; stars will soon shower their blessings on you. At your workplace, your bosses will be impressed by your work and will appreciate your efforts. But support may not come from colleagues, who will be envious of your progress. It is advisable to be a little cautious such people. The latter part of the month may throw some major challenges at you, so be prepared. Travel is on the cards.

Yearly Horoscope


This promises to be a year full of opportunities, gains and starry gifts. But do not brag about it, cautions Ganesha – the more humble you remain, the better chances you will get. Mid-January to March 2015 shall be a fortunate time. Travel, work and studies shall all bring gains, thanks to Jupiter. Financially, too, you shall be comfortable. But since the slow-moving Saturn transits through your Sign for most part of the year, you must make an effort to remain disciplined and cautious. Also, be careful of temptations and distractions, which are likely to woo you, especially post August 2015. On the health front, things will be fine. The initial phase of the year is good for initiating a relationship, but there may be some hurdles in forging a long-term bond, given Ketu's influence. At work, remain open and candid, accept new challenges, and do justice to your work.