23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Daily Horoscope

August 28, 2014

Add a pinch of innovation and inventiveness to your daily working style. There shall be order in the chaotic way you perform your tasks – though not apparent to others. Revitalise yourself and plunge into work with new-found zest and vigour, advises Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

August 24 to August 30, 2014

A very auspicious week is in store for businessmen, foretells Ganesha. If you have been sidelining a pet project for lack of resources or any other reason, then this is the week to sally forth with full confidence. This week is also auspicious to forge new partnerships, as the new partners will surely bring more monetary and human resources to the table, which will give your business a big boost. Even professionals may expect a profitable week, and you will gain either financially or in terms of reputation. Your recent hard work will fetch rich dividends this week. Long-forgotten friends may surprisingly come forward and help you in your missions. Ganesha advises you not to dismiss suggestions coming from friends out of hand, as some of them may be really good ideas.

Monthly Horoscope

August 01 to August 31, 2014

As a rule, you are a hard worker and never shy away from any task that is given to you, but Ganesha predicts that this month the stars are not too favourable and even a little effort may tire you out. You are therefore advised to take small breaks from work whenever you can to recoup your energy, and also recommended is a little holiday so you can recuperate and rejuvenate. The excessive strain is likely to make you somewhat irritable, and this will affect not just your work, but also your relations with people in your close circle, so try to control the tendency, which Ganesha feels, can be done best through meditation. On the personal side, your relations with your parents may be rocky, and you may need to be more considerate towards them.

Yearly Horoscope


Ganesha foresees you making sincere efforts to organise your life and be disciplined. However, your hard-work may not fetch expected results. You may wish to propose to someone special and get into a serious relationship. But it is advisable that you first ensure that you two are compatible enough. Some sort of uncertainty may creep in your married life. You may need to handle the relationship very carefully, else the differences may widen the abyss (if any) between you. Financially, you will have a smooth sailing during the year ahead. However, don't take the good times for granted. Besides, a lot will depend on your ability to manage money when expenses shoot up just out of nowhere. The growth of your business may be very slow and disappointing to an extent. On the job front, you may expect rewards and recognition for your hard-work and sincerity. A promotion or an increment is foreseen, but be patient.