23rd Oct to 22nd Nov

Daily Horoscope

December 18, 2014

Despite a secured job and a harmonious home environment, you are still looking for something else. Long-term, financial security keeps bothering you. And your worries are solved to some extent as unexpected monetary gains are on cards today, predicts Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

December 14 to December 20, 2014

This week you are likely to take things easy in almost all spheres of life, predicts Ganesha. Though circumstances may compel you to act with greater speed, you are unlikely to succumb to the pressure unless you feel comfortable working faster. As Jupiter is retrograde, you may take your sweet time in deciding about your career, advises Ganesha. This is a very good time to sort out things as per their importance, so that less important things can be kept aside which can be taken up at a latter stage, thus you can focus on the most important aspects right now. This week you may not feel very energetic, and may be in need of proper rest and mental relaxation in order to function efficiently. Some of you may fall sick this week and may require proper medication for a speedy recovery, feels Ganesha.

Monthly Horoscope

December 01 to December 31, 2014

Ganesha foresees that this month your reserves of patience will keep growing. No matter how frustrating things may seem to be, you will have faith that eventually things will work out in your favour. Exaltation of Mars shall bestow you with the courage to fight against tough situations. This month you may have to stay in constant touch with distant relatives or friends. Matters under litigation need to be handled with care. Initially, your business and financial affairs may be in a mess. Don't make commitments that you are not 100 percent sure you shall be able to keep. Since the planets are casting a dark shadow on you, avoid taking any decisions that may have an adverse impact on your career. The personal sphere is likely to be crammed with all sorts of events. Lots of social get-togethers and functions are on the cards. Be careful on the health front, as you may still not have completely recovered from a recent traumatic event.

Yearly Horoscope


Ganesha foresees you making sincere efforts to organise your life and be disciplined. However, your hard-work may not fetch expected results. You may wish to propose to someone special and get into a serious relationship. But it is advisable that you first ensure that you two are compatible enough. Some sort of uncertainty may creep in your married life. You may need to handle the relationship very carefully, else the differences may widen the abyss (if any) between you. Financially, you will have a smooth sailing during the year ahead. However, don't take the good times for granted. Besides, a lot will depend on your ability to manage money when expenses shoot up just out of nowhere. The growth of your business may be very slow and disappointing to an extent. On the job front, you may expect rewards and recognition for your hard-work and sincerity. A promotion or an increment is foreseen, but be patient.