21st April to 21st May

Daily Horoscope

November 24, 2014

You are likely to have differences with your parents in the early hours of the day. Ganesha urge you not to quarrel or confront them. Do not retaliate in any way. Act decent and discreet. Respect their views, wishes and sentiments. Be careful. You may have health problems later in the day. If your health does deteriorate, do not take things casually. Don't think twice. Go consult a medical specialist without delay.

Weekly Horoscope

November 23 to November 29, 2014

Ganesha foretells that married couples shall now focus on their relationship and may try to establish more intimacy with each other. The ideal way to get rid of boredom this week shall be to take interest in each other's activities. Contribute to each other's life the best way you can. You are likely to become conscious about your behaviour in and out of home. You shall also feel like working on your financial plans or may decide to overhaul them completely. Moreover, Ganesha advises you to discuss savings plans with your spouse. Those who have applied for loans have stars in their favour this week. Mercury's position suggests that discussions with your partner should be pragmatic and not emotional. In other words, you shouldn't start the blame game, or else it may spoil the mood set for the whole week.

Monthly Horoscope

November 01 to November 30, 2014

Your professional life shall be quite smooth this month, especially if you are already in a well-settled job. On the other hand, if you have been looking for a better job opportunity, then too you can expect your desire to get fulfilled, foretells Ganesha. However, you would do well to first make sure that the new work environment, culture and perks are up to your expectations. At work, anyhow, you will share a cordial relationship with your colleagues, making full use of your communication skills. Businessmen may face mixed fortunes, though. Sole-proprietorship businesses may face an uphill task, while partnership businesses will continue to perform well. However, on the financial front, things may get somewhat tricky this month. Ganesha advises you to review your funds situation, as your expenses may seem to be rising alarmingly. Take care of this; you may have to shuffle around your funds quite a bit. Pay close attention to your savings. Also, frank discussions with your spouse about your financial condition may throw up some good ideas , and they may be all you need to improve the situation.

Yearly Horoscope


Opportunities and challenges are a part and parcel of life. This year, you need to be ready to tackle them both with full and equal enthusiasm. More so, because with success some failures are foreseen too in 2014 for you. Be confident, otherwise the setbacks may seem more disappointing than they actually are. Plus, if you lose momentum, you may only take more time to acquire back the momentum. Matters of the heart may be somewhat dull and boring, during the initial few months of 2014. You will also need to put in enough efforts to nurture your relationship and make it stronger. Financial security is of utmost importance to you, and in all likelihood, you will try and strengthen your financial stability in the coming year. The rising value of your investments may be much helpful in this endeavour. As for your career, Ganesha says that you will need to positively accept the change to make your growth as a professional more visible. Success and fame may not come right away, though. Business shall function smoothly.