21st April to 21st May

Daily Horoscope

May 28, 2015

This is a bright, rosy day for students and scholars, particular who are engaged in, or are looking forward to higher studies, specializing in a particular professional stream. This a great day for making plans for higher studies abroad. Do not miss this opportunity. Plans made today are likely to materialize. The day also promises to be positive and eventful for employed people, assures Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

May 24 to May 30, 2015

You may remain tense due to some domestic problems, which may leave you pondering over the issue at hand. You will be hell-bent to get an appropriate solution, as soon as possible. The fiery Sun and Mars are now posited in the 2nd House from your Sign. This increases the chances of conflicts and disagreements on the home front. You may also be bent to speak rather rudely or dryly with your loved ones. Take care! Or, you will repent this behaviour, and shall, then, be trying to pacify the whole situation by buying gifts or planning dinners. Around mid-week, you may bump into (or meet) an old crush or school friend. Or, such a person may get in touch with you. Besides extremely heartening, this renewal of association shall also prove to be gainful for you in future, due to the close relations of this person with some influential persons in the society. At work, you may feel that your superiors are behaving arrogantly, pressurising you continuously to work quickly and improve efficiency. This could lead to hot arguments, though, finally both of you shall compromise. Towards the end of the week, your boss may clarify the task, which help you increase your productivity. Business persons may have to put in extra efforts to convince prestigious clients.

Monthly Horoscope

May 01 to May 31, 2015

The month's beginning may seem challenging to you, but Ganesha assures you that by the end of the month, you shall succeed in your objectives and achieve your goals. This is bound to make you and your family members happy. However, in the early stages of the month, you will need to be very cautious. Do keep your temper in check. If you get disturbed by circumstances, you may lose your focus. And if, you get irritated with people, you may end up saying stuff you will regret. Overall, in such situations things may work to your detriment. Try to be diplomatic, thus, especially while discussing money matters. If you plan to commit, seek an expert’s opinion, before giving a nod. Know that one wrong judgement may lead to your money getting stuck and returns getting delayed. Career matters shall again be on the forefront. Venus in the 3rd House from your Sign for a better month indicates lack of concentration. If in a job, you will need to be extra attentive, while completing an assigned task. If you are into a business, Ganesha advises you to brace up for some challenges; don't let the low margins dishearten you. Things shall change for the better soon!

Yearly Horoscope


This year, be ready for some twists and turns, and learn to go with the flow, says Ganesha. In your best interests, stay open-minded and flexible. As the year begins you may not be very happy with circumstances, so you won't entirely be averse to change. Nonetheless, go slow and refrain from making big moves. Relocation is possible, but may not give you the desired results. However, you may buy a new vehicle or invest in a new holiday home. Financially, you shall need to be tactful. Stock markets may seem attractive, but if you don't have experience, keep off. June to September '15 look difficult, but things will improve thereafter. Love may press you to make a commitment. You may not be very happy in your job, while if you happen to be a businessman, you may lay a firm foundation for future. Students will find the going smooth.