21st April to 21st May

Daily Horoscope

July 31, 2014

Good luck will trail you like your shadow today, predicts Ganesha. You are likely to get good news from out of the country in the afternoon. You may take a chance and express your hidden feelings to someone special. Overall, you will have a hassle-free frame of mind.

Weekly Horoscope

July 27 to August 02, 2014

Ganesha predicts that your plate will be so full this week, and your business activities will keep life so hectic that you may not be able to spare any time for yourself or your family. However, you must not start anything new this week, and if the project is very lucrative and has a lot of potential then postpone it for next week. On the other hand, professionals will have a smooth sailing, and you will be able to work at your pace without straining yourself too much. You may tend to blow things out of proportion, so there is a danger that you may make a mountain out of a molehill, which will work to your detriment, so stay objective and keep your anger in control. You may confide your deepest feelings and emotions to your well-wishers and your life-partner, as it will relieve you.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2014

This month, you shall apply your imagination prowess and communication skills to the hilt, which shall assist even others to understand you better. Work pressure may not decrease soon, though. Anyway, your innate talents and experience will help you overcome the odds. Disagreements with co-workers are likely. Remain friendly at workplace, have faith in people and their abilities; don't trust anyone blindly, though. Stars are favourable for a moving to, buying or renovating a new office premises. Undertake home renovation and redecoration during the month-end. The month-end shall be hectic for businessmen. Many of you may be determined to earn an extra buck. Increased cash inflow is indicated, through recovery of debts or investments returns. Reduce unnecessary expenditure. Follow the suggestions of the elderly in the matters of investments and savings. In the latter part of the month, you may concentrate on domestic affairs, especially related to children. However, you may be away from your family for a while, and may miss them.

Yearly Horoscope


Opportunities and challenges are a part and parcel of life. This year, you need to be ready to tackle them both with full and equal enthusiasm. More so, because with success some failures are foreseen too in 2014 for you. Be confident, otherwise the setbacks may seem more disappointing than they actually are. Plus, if you lose momentum, you may only take more time to acquire back the momentum. Matters of the heart may be somewhat dull and boring, during the initial few months of 2014. You will also need to put in enough efforts to nurture your relationship and make it stronger. Financial security is of utmost importance to you, and in all likelihood, you will try and strengthen your financial stability in the coming year. The rising value of your investments may be much helpful in this endeavour. As for your career, Ganesha says that you will need to positively accept the change to make your growth as a professional more visible. Success and fame may not come right away, though. Business shall function smoothly.