23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Daily Horoscope

July 28, 2014

Ganesha predicts that your writing skills will possibly help you vent your feelings without offending others. You will successfully complete your pending assignments. Great success will knock at your door in anything and everything you undertake today, predicts Ganesha.

Weekly Horoscope

July 27 to August 02, 2014

With the kind of work that you have been given for this week, Ganesha feels you will need absolute solitude in order to accomplish it. However, you are unlikely to find it, as the hustle-bustle of your office atmosphere will keep disturbing you. The only chance you have to complete your work within the deadlines is if you are allowed to work from home. For some of you, though, even this may not be an option, as even at home there will be a constant flow of visitors, making it impossible to concentrate on work. Under the circumstances, Ganesha advises you to get your deadlines extended, or request someone competent enough to share your burden. They owe it to you, as you have always come to their aid whenever they needed it.

Monthly Horoscope

July 01 to July 31, 2014

Take your own decisions, without depending on others. Apply your planning skills; you may even have to do multitasking. Take control in your hands, and powerful planets shall support you. However, don't expect overnight changes. Concentrating on your work may be difficult, as colleagues may trouble you at work-place – express your displeasure, when needed. Be careful while communicating with anyone, as you may be misquoted or misinterpreted. Focus on your goals and stay away from any kind of gossip. If you are looking for a better job, planets are in your favour. Business profits too may get better. Initially, the overall financial conditions may not be good, however they shall improve gradually, promises Ganesha. There may, however, be a tendency to spend lavishly. Go slow; cut down on unnecessary expenditure. There may be no apparent setbacks or tough challenges on the family front. You shall look out for a quick break from the routine to rejuvenate yourself. But, some friend or relative may demand your attention.

Yearly Horoscope


Ganesha predicts that you will kick start the year on a positive note. During the first half of 2014, your love life may blossom. In fact, there is a strong possibility of you falling head over heels in love. If you are married, spend quality time with your spouse and work on your relationship even if there may be no major problems at this point in time. Financially, you will find yourself in a much better position during 2014. However, keep in mind that the outflow of cash may increase after July. Hence, you better create enough cash reserves before that. Plan your budget in such a way that you don't have to ask for monetary help when the expenses shoot up. Since Saturn is transiting through your charts, business growth may be much slower than your expectations. You should avoid risks, and take the tried and tested route on the business front. The transiting Saturn may also affect the job front and slow down your progress.