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23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Daily Horoscope

February 27, 2015

In all probability, you would want to quarantine yourself today – mentally and physically. It's all got to do with the way you can challenge yourself and pool your own resources together to make the best of unpleasant conditions. But you won't be able to push yourself beyond your limit, rues Ganesha. Devotion to the Almighty, however, could well mark a change in it.

Weekly Horoscope

February 22 to February 28, 2015

You shall begin the week on a very optimistic note, feels Ganesha. It is a particularly good phase for businessmen who wish to expand their operations to new territories. Adding more products to your portfolio will help you strengthen your position in your industry. If you are in the service industry, brace up for a hectic week. On the financial front, things may get a little difficult because some unexpected expenses could upset your savings plans. And it is here that friends will lend a helping hand. But things may not go very smoothly in your marital/domestic life. You will have to spare time from your busy work schedule to resolve issues. In fact, things may aggravate over the weekend, so be extra careful about avoiding arguments.

Monthly Horoscope

February 01 to February 28, 2015

You shall be in a very generous mood during the initial stages of the month, and you will not hesitate in donating funds to charitable organisations. You will, however, have to check this tendency, or else your savings may take a severe dent. It is all the more important to increase your reserves of savings because Ganesha foresees some unexpected expenses later in the month. If you are a businessman and have made your strategies meticulously, you are in for a favourable month. On the professional and personal fronts, things may be a bit dull, and you may long for something exciting to happen. If you are single, but committed to a relationship, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with your beloved in the earlier part of the month. In the second half of the month, you will gain a lot of mental clarity, and will be able to take judicious decisions, which will benefit you in the long run.

Yearly Horoscope


This year you will have to remain pragmatic, and control your temper, lest you end up hurting someone. Also, don't try to impose yourself on others, says Ganesha. Finances may cause anxiety, because of some sudden unexpected expenses. You may, thus, look for alternative means of earning money. You shall not be short of good opportunities, but you may have to take some risks. Rest easy, though, as you shall break even by the year-end. Work, on the whole, may keep you preoccupied. Saturn's Square aspect with your Sign may compel you to maintain a low profile. So, better concentrate on your work and life. The transiting Saturn may also cause disharmony in your domestic life. Hence you are advised to keep your expectations from others low. Things will take a turn for the better from April 2015 onwards. Travelling to a place faraway is possible; it could be either for pilgrimage or leisure purposes.