23rd Aug to 22nd Sept

Daily Horoscope

August 04, 2015

You will stay calm and steady today, and there is hardly anything that can disturb your peace of mind. Your family and friends will back you fully and motivate you to overcome hurdles. You will work with devotion, says Ganesha. You may ask for work that others may find very difficult to do.

Weekly Horoscope

August 02 to August 08, 2015

Issues related to marital life are likely to be your prime concern this week. Your spouse may be too busy with social engagements to pay any attention to your needs. It is not just intimate physical relations which bind a relationship – emotional attachment is of more importance in marital life, says Ganesha. With four planets in the 12th House, concerned with expenses in general, your personal expenditure is likely to increase. You may also spend money for some social cause. A good earning opportunity may pass you by around Tuesday or Wednesday if you are not alert. You may regret it. Professionals may experience some uneasy moments due to criticism from superiors, mainly because you appear to be casual in your approach to your work. You may also overshoot your deadlines. Around Saturday, Mercury enters your Sign. Next day, Mars leaves its debilitated Sign Cancer and enters the friendly, fiery Sign Leo.

Monthly Horoscope

August 01 to August 31, 2015

Issues related to family and career will retain the prime slot in your priority list. You are likely to be more confident than before, ready to take up challenges head on. The Ruler of the 10th and the 1st House for your Sign – Mercury – shall be well placed, for a better part of the month. Hence, you can expect progressive times ahead. Getting distracted, however, may cost you heavily. At work, discontent and urge to take up something new may force you to look for a suitable change. It is a good time to switch, says Ganesha. However, consider all the pros and cons before taking the major decision, suggests Ganesha. Business fraternity has a reason to rejoice, but with booties shall come the truck-loads of work. Financially, you may find it difficult to manage to rising expenses. Exercise due care and caution, while spending money. Also set your priorities right! If married, be ready to encounter phases, albeit brief, through the month that may not allow you to breathe easy. Don't complain; rather, find a good solution. Couples in a love relationship may fall prey to misunderstandings. Strive to maintain the status quo.

Yearly Horoscope


This year you will have to remain pragmatic, and control your temper, lest you end up hurting someone. Also, don't try to impose yourself on others, says Ganesha. Finances may cause anxiety, because of some sudden unexpected expenses. You may, thus, look for alternative means of earning money. You shall not be short of good opportunities, but you may have to take some risks. Rest easy, though, as you shall break even by the year-end. Work, on the whole, may keep you preoccupied. Saturn's Square aspect with your Sign may compel you to maintain a low profile. So, better concentrate on your work and life. The transiting Saturn may also cause disharmony in your domestic life. Hence you are advised to keep your expectations from others low. Things will take a turn for the better from April 2015 onwards. Travelling to a place faraway is possible; it could be either for pilgrimage or leisure purposes.