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Ninja Pirate Zombie Vampires versus Chuck Norris and the Space Marines 04:03 Aug 29 2014 from The Register

Harvest of Brains Weekend Big Data Project   No fewer than 1,784 of you kindly volunteered to have your brains slurped in the initial stage of the Weekend Register 's pioneering attempt to use hefty-data techniques to solve the most pressing puzzle o...


Ad of the Day: Van Damme Awesomely Sculpts a Mountaintop Ice Bar for Coors Light 12:55 Aug 25 2014 from Brandweek

Jean-Claude Van Damme is still ice cold, but also still not as frosty as a Coors Light, says the brewer. It's been more than two years since the Gen X icon philosophized about his tight, frozen pants and post-coital penguin walks, from a snowy mounta...


Leicester Mercury published Brad Thorne: 'Colossus, hero, hard man and unbelievable' 05:00 Aug 21 2014 from This Is Leicestershire

A New Zealand website has just run a 'top five tributes to Brad Thorn piece' after news that the former All Black had signed for Leicester Tigers.Underneath the article, Kiwi readers included the following words to describe him – colossus, hero, hard...


GSP issues Chuck Norris the ice bucket challenge and creates the opportunity to end the debate about its value 07:25 Aug 20 2014 from MiddleEasy

Like a benevolent form of Ebola, the ice bucket challenge has spread to Canada. That’s because almost every single human being in the United States has already done it or risked being purged from the social media herd for being a failed virtual phila...


Video: The Chuck Norris of yo-yo 05:50 Aug 12 2014 from Fox Sports Australia

THERE’S yo-yo like you did it in primary school. Then there’s yo-yo as this guy does it. He is the Chuck Norris of yo-yo. WATCH HERE ...


Chuck Norris Column: How Obama's Leadership Cripples America (Part 2) 01:14 Aug 12 2014 from NewsBusters.org

In 2008, Americans appointed a president they expected to unify the country, lift the oppressed and restore America's economy and relations in the world. But almost halfway through his second term in office, Americans are more polarized, and the oppr...


Tributes paid to film producer Golan 02:10 Aug 10 2014 from BBC

Action stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris pay tribute to the Israeli producer Menahem Golan following his death at the age of 85...


Veteran film producer and Israeli cinema pioneer Menahem Golan dies at 85 09:35 Aug 09 2014 from News 1130

TEL AVIV, Israel – Menahem Golan, a veteran Israeli filmmaker who produced some of the biggest action movies of the 1980s, has died in Tel Aviv. He was 85. Throughout his long career, Golan produced more than 200 movies and directed a fourth of them....


Ammosexual Chuck Norris Teams Up With NRA and Jesus to Protect his 'God Given Right' to Bear Arms | Americans Against the Tea Party 10:22 Aug 04 2014 from Newsvine

Chuck Norris, the famed martial arts action star and, sadly, honorary Marine, has joined forces with the NRA in an attempt to stop the imaginary liberal attacks against their gun rights. This noxious partnership has resulted in the creation of a Trig...