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Donald Duck News

NLRB: McDonald’s Can No Longer Duck Responsibility for Bad Labor Practices 11:05 Jul 30 2014 from Triple Pundit

On Tuesday the U.S. National Labor Relations Board found that McDonald's is a joint employer with its franchisees and can be held accountable for the franchisee's poor labor practices...


Original art from the greatest private comic collection on earth 05:56 Jul 30 2014 from Boing Boing

One evening several years ago my friend, the artist Coop , took me to the San Fernando Valley house of comic book art collector Glenn Bray. I was somewhat familiar with Bray, having read bits and pieces about his large collection. I knew that he was ...


Happy National Lipstick Day! Which Celeb Has the Punchiest Pout? Vote Now! 05:59 Jul 29 2014 from E! Online

Happy National Lipstick Day! Hey, if corndogs and Donald Duck get national days (March 22 and June 9, respectively), then lipstick definitely deserves its own.....


Random Comics News Story Round-Up 08:20 Jul 28 2014 from The Comics Reporter

* J. Caleb Mozzocco on Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Trail Of The Unicorn...


Best of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Pluto Episodes 08:27 Jul 19 2014 from Newsvine

Mickey Mouse - Best of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Pluto Episodes - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Plut...


Inside Art: The Morgan Gets a Gift: A Lichtenstein Trove 09:02 Jul 17 2014 from The New York Times

The Morgan Library & Museum has been given sketchbooks and drawings by Roy Lichtenstein’s estate, including early drawings like “Mickey Mouse I” and “Donald Duck....


Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author, says she didn't OK new book about her 10:14 Jul 15 2014 from Newsday

The reclusive author of "To Kill a Mockingbird," one of the most acclaimed novels of the 20th century, says she never gave her approval to a new memoir that portrays itself as a rare, intimate look into the lives of the writer and her older sister in...


Harper Lee says claim that new memoir has her blessing is 'a falsehood' 11:13 Jul 15 2014 from The Observer

Marja Mills's The Mockingbird Next Door, just published in the US, draws author's fire for claim it was written with her blessing According to its publisher, Marja Mills's new book about Harper Lee is a chronicle of her friendship with the reclusive ...


Donald Sterling's Lawyer -- HE'S NOT ON THE RUN ... He's Right Down the Street 06:42 Jul 07 2014 from TMZ

Donald Sterling's attorney says the Clippers owner is NOT ducking his trial -- and did NOT leave town -- telling TMZ Sports he's right down the street and ready to come to court if needed. Earlier today, Shelly Sterling's lawyer Bert Fields...


Donald Duck turns 77 12:17 Jun 09 2011 from MiD DAY

With Donald Duck turning 77 today, MiD DAY finds that he's fast losing ground to Pokemon and the like among the city's pint-sized denizensIT was on this day in 1934 when the fiery-tempered, incoherent, but intensely lovabl