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Donald Duck News

Don’t duck Donald 08:10 Aug 17 2014 from New York Daily News

Donald Trump can be a political blunderbuss sometimes — okay, most of the time — but he has a good point about the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics: Why the hell is this supposed watchdog taking so long to investigate his complaint against A...


Cop to reporter: ‘You’re going to be in my jail cell tonight’ 12:58 Aug 14 2014 from Romenesko

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories. Maybe it’s not really 10. Let’s not dwell on specifics. Reporters arrested, assaulted in Ferguson : Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly were arrested Wednesday ni...


Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Reveals Donald Duck and His Mallet Powers 08:10 Aug 14 2014 from Softpedia

The development team working on Disney Infinity announces that it will launch Donald Duck as a playable character for the upcoming 2.0 version of the game, allowing players to get their hands on one of the classic cartoon heroes from its catalogue, c...


Disney Infinity Originals Assemble At Gamescom 04:07 Aug 14 2014 from Forbes

Disney Infinity Originals adds Donald Duck to their wide ranging line-up for the new game, but it's the packed-in mini-games and potential play-sets for Originals that will make the real difference...


Donald Duck Joins Mickey Mouse in ‘Disney Infinity’ 05:50 Aug 12 2014 from Variety

Mickey Mouse’s friends are joining him in “Disney Infinity.” Donald Duck will become a playable character in the game after the latest installment launches Sept 23. He becomes the second of Disney’s fab five (after Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey) to be...


Artist Ruins Happily Ever After With Misbehaving Disney Characters 06:30 Aug 09 2014 from Mashable

Happily ever after ends when reality sets in. Disney mashups typically depict your favorite characters and princesses in a new, fun light Grumpy Cat joined Frozen , movie posters underwent a modern makeover and Disney princesses invaded Star Wars — b...


Original art from the greatest private comic collection on earth 05:56 Jul 30 2014 from Boing Boing

One evening several years ago my friend, the artist Coop , took me to the San Fernando Valley house of comic book art collector Glenn Bray. I was somewhat familiar with Bray, having read bits and pieces about his large collection. I knew that he was ...


Happy National Lipstick Day! Which Celeb Has the Punchiest Pout? Vote Now! 05:59 Jul 29 2014 from E! Online

Happy National Lipstick Day! Hey, if corndogs and Donald Duck get national days (March 22 and June 9, respectively), then lipstick definitely deserves its own.....


Donald Duck turns 77 12:17 Jun 09 2011 from MiD DAY

With Donald Duck turning 77 today, MiD DAY finds that he's fast losing ground to Pokemon and the like among the city's pint-sized denizensIT was on this day in 1934 when the fiery-tempered, incoherent, but intensely lovabl