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Donald Duck News

Besuch beim Aston-Martin-Restaurateur: Rentenmodell aus Entenhausen 09:37 Sep 30 2014 from Sueddeutsche.de

Der Aston Martin EML 132 hat einen wenig schmeichelhaften Spitznamen: "Donald Duck". Seit 25 Jahren restauriert ihn der Münchner Norbert Hieber. Für ihn ist der Wagen nicht nur ein Hobby - er ist seine Altersvorsorge...


As Donald Cerrone Outguns Him, Eddie Alvarez Reminds Us UFC Debuts Ain't Easy 07:33 Sep 28 2014 from Bleacher Report

It took approximately 10 seconds for the doubts to start creeping in. As soon as referee John McCarthy said the words and Eddie Alvarez bounded out to the center of the cage to meet Donald Cerrone in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC 178 , the diff...


Donald Duck and David Vitter? 03:53 Sep 23 2014 from Politico

The Louisiana senator is set to raise money later this fall with an array of cartoon characters...


Here's Why Trendlines are Your New Trading Best Friend 06:48 Sep 18 2014 from Trade-Ideas.com

See how trendlines help you make calculated trading decisions Have you ever seen Donald Duck play pool? Trust us, it isn't pretty...


Here's Why Trendlines are Your New Best Friend, Part 3 02:39 Sep 18 2014 from Trade-Ideas.com

Have you ever seen Donald Duck play pool? Trust us, it isn't pretty...


Visual arts picks, Sept. 18 11:14 Sep 17 2014 from San Francisco Chronicle

Gottfried Helnwein: “Of Mice and Children,” Gottfried Helnwein’s 16th solo exhibition at Modernism, captures both the internal and external experience of childhood in a series of new and recent paintings of subjects including Mickey Mouse and Donald ...


Random Comics News Story Round-Up 08:34 Sep 16 2014 from The Comics Reporter

* in 1947, cartoonists put blindfolds on and drew their characters as requested by Life. * Rob Clough profiles Lilli Carré. * Meghan Turbitt remembers Eric The Actor. * Todd Klein on Justice League #33. Sean Gaffney on Genshiken: Second Season Vol. 5...


Break in case of boredom: 16 terrific new things on the internet 10:33 Sep 12 2014 from Econsultancy

You've caught me and the internet at a very busy time. At 3pm today, when you fire up your iTunes you'll find a little gift from us. Yes, it's our new album 'Maximum Hard Drive', and it's currently being surreptitiously loaded on to your computer for...


Donald Duck turns 77 12:17 Jun 09 2011 from MiD DAY

With Donald Duck turning 77 today, MiD DAY finds that he's fast losing ground to Pokemon and the like among the city's pint-sized denizensIT was on this day in 1934 when the fiery-tempered, incoherent, but intensely lovabl