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Feroz Khan Bio

Feroz Khan has three brothers, Sanjay, Akbar, and Sameer. Both Sanjay and Akbar are actors in their own right, while Sameer is a filmmaker and assists them at their Golden Palms Spa located in Bangalore. In 1960, Feroz made his debut in the film Didi.In 1962, he appeared in an English film titled Tarzan Goes To India.In 1965, Feroz Khan married Sundri. They have two children Laila And Fardeen Khan. Laila Khan is a painter and Fardeen Khan is an actor.In 1969, Khan won his first Filmfare award for Best Actor in Supporting Role Aadmi Aur Insaan. In 1971 Feroz appeared alongside his brother Sanjay Khan in the hit film Mela.In 1975, he turned producer and director so as to improve his career opportunities as a leading man. He produced, directed and starred film Dharmatma which was the first Indian film to shoot in Afghanistan and was also his first blockbuster hit as producer.In 1970s and 1980s, Feroz Khan was a top Bollywood star in films and often directed and starred in many of his films.In 1980, the movie Qurbani was the biggest hit of his career and also launched the singing career of Nazia Hassan. In 1988, Feroz directed and starred in Dayavan which was a remake of a South Indian film Nayagan, starring Kamal Haasan.