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Barbie Princess Room Cleaning GAME

Arcade April 10, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Barbie is an acclaimed figure for her beauty and singing. She has many fans in and around the country. She has three sisters. They always have a great admiration for Barbie. After the lunch the sister of Barbie would go to her room to learn singing. The family has been invited for a betrothal party this evening. On the other hand, the room of the princess Barbie is in a bad condition. You can help the princes if you wish. If she sees the cleaned room she will be taken aback. Secondly, you will be in the good books of the princess. Have a glance of the room before cleaning it. Pick all the waste things and place them gently in the garbage. If you see things that are in disorder arrange them properly as they should be. Do the cleaning before the time runs out.

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