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Andaman's Jarawa tribes lured to dance for tourists: report

January 11, 2012 , posted by in Current Affairs

In a shocker from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Jarawa tribes are being lured with food to dance for tourists, according to a report. Sources say that what's being called a 'human safari' is conducted under the supervision of the policemen.

'The Observer', a British newspaper, has released a video, which shows the tribals being forced to dance, allegedly after a bribe was paid to a policeman.

Such safaris brazenly flout laws that prohibit close contact with the rare tribals and photographing them. There are just 403 surviving members of the Jarawa who live in reserve forests on south Andaman.

Tribal Affairs Minister V Kishore Chandra S Deo has also asked for a report on the issue. "I've read the report in the newspapers, what I saw in the clips was disgusting. I've asked for a report and will certainly take action on it."

However, Andaman DGP SB Deol said that the video was old, of the year 2002. he also said that whoever shot the video violated the rules and will have to face action.

But, 'The Observer' journalist Gethin Chambarlain claimed that the video was recent. "Bribing the cops costs Rs 15,000 to the tourists. Six months back, a police officer was disciplined for doing so." Chambarlain claimed.

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