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  January 2012  
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British PM refuses to apologise for BBC show mocking India

January 13, 2012 , posted by in Current Affairs

A diplomatic row has been brewing over BBC's auto show 'Top Gear'. British Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to apologise for a special episode, which portrays India in a poor light, saying it's a matter for the BBC to handle.

The Downing Street has refused to censure host Jeremy Clarkson saying, "The Government is not responsible for editorial decisions made by the BBC or any media organisation. This is a matter for the BBC - I don't speak for the BBC."

India had sought an apology for the show in which host Jeremy Clarkson allegedly mocked India, making offensive comments about India's trains, toilets and food.

The Indian High Commission has lodged a formal complaint branding Clarkson's comments as tasteless and lacking cultural sensitivity

Senior Labour MP Keith Vaz said, "It seems that the reasons given by the BBC in order to obtain their visas to go to India did not disclose the true nature of the content of this programme."

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