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Harry Bernstein Bio

Harry Bernstein (born May 30, 1910) is the author of The Invisible Wall, which deals with his abusive, alcoholic father, the anti-Semitism he encountered growing up in a mill town in northern England, and the Romeo and Juliet romance experienced by his sister and her Christian lover. The book was started when he was 93 and published in 2007 when he was 96. The loneliness he encountered following the death of his wife, Ruby, in 2002 after 67 years of marriage was the catalyst for Bernstein to begin work on his book. Recently he finished writing his second book, The Dream, which centers on his family’s move to the United States when he was twelve. It was published in 2008. Before his retirement at age 62, Bernstein worked for various movie production companies reading scripts and working as a magazine editor for trade magazines, and also wrote freelance articles for such publications as Popular Mechanics, Jewish American Monthly and Newsweek. Bernstein currently lives in Brick Township, New Jersey.[1]