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Illuminati News

Jeezy Addresses Those Illuminati Rumors About His Album Cover 05:56 Jul 29 2014 from MTV.com

Jeezy talks about his Seen It All album cover and addresses rumors about the Illuminati...


Michael Strahan -- Assault Suspect Rants About Illuminati Plot 11:15 Jul 28 2014 from TMZ

The homeless man who allegedly threatened to kill Michael Strahan went on a CRAZY rant in court Monday ... calling the judge the n-word and accusing his lawyer of belonging to the Illuminati.Andre Johnson was in court for his arraignment and...


Alleged Strahan stabber rants about the Illuminati in court 10:24 Jul 28 2014 from New York Post

The knife-wielding bum accused of threatening to kill ​Giants ​football ​great ​-turned-TV star ​ Michael Strahan outside ABC’s studios in Times Square earlier this month demanded a new lawyer during.....


MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories 03:42 Jul 22 2014 from The Observer

From Zionist plots to the Illuminati, some wildly imaginative alternatives are being promoted by the likes of Russian TV There are several versions of the phrase : Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. While the s...


Weird Al Understands Your Feelings About Annoying Buzzwords 03:20 Jul 22 2014 from Mashable

Weird Al Yankovic wants your company's synergy to pivot efficiently towards not using buzzwords. The parody songster has turned his attention toward satirizing corporations and their board room jargon for his new music video , "Mission Statement." An...


A Dad Covered 'Rude' and Had a Very Different Story to Tell 10:19 Jul 17 2014 from Mashable

Hit song "Rude" sounds different from a dad's perspective Maybe you remember the original premise behind the tune: Guy wants to marry Girl. Girl wants to marry Guy. Dad does not want Guy to marry Girl. Guy wonders "Why you gotta be so rude?" See also...


Walter White Took a Beautiful Space Adventure 03:36 Jul 17 2014 from Mashable

A Walter White bobblehead doll took a trip to a place more majestic than the New Mexico desert. TVtag users elected White as the company's first space ambassador, sending the Breaking Bad protagonist 85,000 feet above Earth and recording his entire a...


Weird Al's Parody of Lorde's 'Royals' Is About Sandwiches and Illuminati 03:59 Jul 16 2014 from Mashable

" Weird Al " Yankovic collaborated with College Humor to give aluminum foil the love and attention it deserves, continuing a three-day streak of revealing new songs . "Foil" parodies Lorde 's mega-hit "Royals," honoring the kitchen staple and showing...


Katy Perry accused in plagiarism suit of ruining Christian group's reputation 07:06 Jul 03 2014 from The Observer

Rappers say Dark Horse took from their song Joyful Noise and tarnishes it by linking it with black magic Katy Perry's Dark Horse is proving to be a black sheep. In February she was accused of blaspheming against Islam in its video . Now she's been ac...