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Illuminati News

LOL: Jason DeRulo Dishes On Being In The Illuminati 09:31 Apr 15 2014 from The Huffington Post

Who knows more about Jason Derulo? Jason Derulo, OR our YouTube star co-host Jason Horton. You be the judge! Though he didn't remember his fiancé's Jordin Sparks' V-Day hashtag, he did have some hilarious thoughts on being in a secret society. And he...


X-ray of Brett Anderson's broken finger 03:16 Apr 15 2014 from Yahoo! Sports

The Colorado Rockies have placed left-hander Brett Anderson on the disabled list because of a broken left index finger. But, as with anything else these days, some crackpot conspiracy theorists probably don't believe the Rockies because of the their ...


How Epstein's Cubs Have Built a Brighter Future Than Cashman's Yankees 11:00 Apr 15 2014 from Bleacher Report

Nobody will be surprised if the New York Yankees sweep their next two games against the Chicago Cubs. They're the better team right now, a fact so obviously true that no elaboration is needed. But if it's the future we're discussing, the picture is a...


Scammers Send Out Emails Asking Users to Join the Illuminati 11:24 Apr 14 2014 from Softpedia

Scammers will leverage all sorts of topics to trick unsuspecting people into handing over personal information and maybe even some money. One of these topics is the Illuminati, the controversial groups that allegedly control the world from behind the...


Shakira’s Finger Sign Game Is Totes Dope 03:30 Apr 07 2014 from Celebuzz

Lady Gaga has her monster claw. Jay Z has his Roc Nation Illuminati hand triangle thing. Britney Spears has her hand in a bag of Cheetos. Shakira has “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” That’s the great thing about pop culture: it embraces diversity. The great ...


Jay Z Wears Controversial Medallion To Make People Forget He's Illuminati 10:35 Apr 06 2014 from Gothamist

Last year , Jay Z raised some eyebrows when he wore a medallion with the logo of the Five-Percent Nation, an off-shoot of the Nation Of Islam that believes "the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually ...


Jim Starlin's "Dreadstar" Optioned for Film 09:35 Apr 06 2014 from Comic Book Resources

The 1980s Epic/First Comics series has been optioned by Benderspink and Illuminati Entertainment for the big screen...


Wil Wheaton Talks TableTop Day! 01:31 Mar 31 2014 from The Huffington Post

Wil Wheaton isn't just some guy from Star Trek or The Big Bang Theory. He's an ambassador for the world of board gaming. He's been through two seasons of his show TableTop for Geek&Sundry, and he's been teaching the world to play games. This Saturday...


RAW's The Cosmic Trigger as a stage play 05:01 Mar 17 2014 from Boing Boing

A group of dedicated disciples of bOING bOING contributor Robert Anton Wilson are orchestrating a stage production of RAW's " Comsic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati ," a fantastic memoir of high weirdness that had a massive influence on my ow...