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Moon (Singer) News

Travis LaBrel - Foot In Mouth 02:30 Jul 29 2014 from Today's Blog Music - The Hype Machine

Travis LaBrel is a rough-looking dude. He’s much bigger than his little brother Dave, lead singer of Olin & The Moon, the band both of them are in. He often sports wide bandannas tied around his forehead and… (in post TRAVIS LABREL – GAS FOOD & BED f...


Generationals new album Alix on Polyvinyl (9/16) 04:57 Jul 28 2014 from Tiny Mix Tapes

Louisiana duo Generationals’ music is the sound of ENDLESS SUMMER. Whether the lyrics are about the good times or bad, the melodies are full of wind chimes clinking on the front porch, lemonade bought from neighbor kids, and sunlight dappling through...


Music Review: Fhloston Paradigm - The Phoenix 04:52 Jul 28 2014 from Tiny Mix Tapes

Fhloston Paradigm The Phoenix [Hyperdub; 2014] by pcface Rating: On The Phoenix , King Britt attempts to reconcile UR-era techno and sci-fi soundtracks, two musical spheres that have heavily engaged with Afrofuturism, within the album format, harness...


Mamata Banerjee wants Bollywood to come to Kolkata 04:15 Jul 24 2014 from DNA India

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said she wants Bollywood to turn its eye to the state as it is a gateway to Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and the north-eastern states.  "We want Mumbai to come here. Bengal is the gateway to north-e...


Watch Robin Thicke's acting debut in romcom Making the Rules 11:43 Jul 24 2014 from The Observer

Thicke plays a sous chef's old flame in cheerily cheesy straight-to-video release, which was shot in 2012. Do you think he successfully blurs the lines between actor and singer? Terrible acting debuts need not always kill off nascent Hollywood career...


Wise Old Moon Gets Fully Fledged For CD Release Show At Arch Street 05:42 Jul 23 2014 from The Hartford Courant

Wise Old Moon's Connor Millican, 24, wrote songs after late shifts bartending and painting houses. You can almost smell the late-night paint fumes and hear the clinking of glasses on "The Patterns," Wise Old Moon's studio debut, where acoustic guitar...


This Song's Rhythm Is Inspired by Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat on the Moon 12:00 Jul 20 2014 from Gizmodo

Forty-five years ago, a man landed on the moon for the first time. Understandably, he was a little nervous. Neil Armstrong's heart raced to 160 beats per minute as the lunar vehicle touched down on the moon's surface. But as he made that great leap f...


Aldrin calls for moon memories 01:03 Jul 17 2014 from The Irish Independent

Buzz Aldrin is asking everyone to remember where they were when he and Neil Armstrong became the first humans to step on to the moon, and to share their memories online. On July 20, 1969, Aldrin and Armstrong were "out of town" when the world united ...


Cheryl Cole 'deliberately' kept €600k whirlwind wedding a secret 06:46 Jul 15 2014 from The Irish Independent

Cheryl Cole’s dad confirms she “deliberately” kept her new marriage private. The 31-year-old singer confirmed she married French entrepreneur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versin in an Instagram post at the weekend, sharing a picture of her wedding ring. Th...


Scorecard | Thu 31 Jul


England vs India Test

The Rose Bowl, Southampton ,7/27/2014, 15:30 (IST)


England vs India Test

Lord's, London ,7/17/2014, 15:30 (IST)

India beat England by 95 runs

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan ODI

Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo ,7/22/2014, 12:30 (IST)

Afghanistan beat Zimbabwe by 2 wickets

Sri Lanka vs South Africa Test

Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo ,7/24/2014, 10:00 (IST)

Sri Lanka drew with South Africa