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Alarmed at the hitherto unseen escalation in underworld criminal activities some top officials including the home secretary, the home minister, and...


"Department is a cocktail you will like!"

It's a really good thing to do what you do best. If you are a good marksman, you know you will hardly miss your target.

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"Department is another failed RGV experiment"

If Ram Gopal Varma were to film me writing this review, I assume he'd start with a tight close-up. First of my eyes watering from his new film's...

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"Department is a perfect recipe for headaches"

"I used five matchbox-sized digital cameras to shoot Department...I didn't know which camera is capturing what..."said Ram Gopal Varma in an...

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"Department is an utter waste of talent!"

If you'd thought 'Phoonk' and 'Aag' were the worst of films to have come out of the Ram Gopal Varma camp, its time you rethought about it....

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