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I, Me aur Main

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I, Me Aur Main is an upcoming Hindi romcom starring John Abraham, Prachi Desai and Chitrangada Singh, directed by Kapil Sharma. Ishaan(John) is a...


"Movie review: I, Me Aur Main is a pleasant surprise"

I, Me Aur Main isn't perfect, but is a pleasant surprise. We'll be waiting for this director's next with some anticipation

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"You can't help feel that real potential was squandered"

There's an interesting premise at the heart of debutant director Kapil Sharma's 'I, Me Aur Main', which tells the coming of age story of a...

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"I, Me Aur Main's screenplay's more selfish than John's character"

I, Me Aur Main is Mama's boy, Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham) gone badass in an extreme way. Ishaan, a music producer in a music company, CMC, lives...

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"I Me Aur Main leaves a lot to be desired"

First-time director Kapil Sharma's I Me Aur Main depicts everything that’s wrong with Indian patriarchal society. It also represents, on some...

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"Review: I, Me Aur Main has a tight first half leading to an unconventional climax"

The moment you see two heroines plastered on the poster with a hero, there is an assumption the film would be a love triangle. The moment you see two...

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"Music Review: I, Me Aur Main"

The music album of 'I, Me Aur Main' is a cocktail with peppy and classical tunes. You'll find something you like.

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"And the I, Me Aur Main LOL-scars go to..."

Even though 'I, Me Aur Main' works in parts, there were bits that were entirely spoof-worthy. We hand out our LOL-scars for the week to this John...

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