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Son Of Sardaar

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Son Of Sardaar, also known by the abbreviated form SOS, is an upcoming Bollywood romance drama film ( which is the remake of Telugu blockbuster...


"Son of Sardaar makes you smile"

Even if you are not a big fan of the typical potboiler, Son of Sardaar makes you smile.

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"Son of Sardaar is Singham style fun"

'Son of Sardaar' is mostly illogical, but offers a laugh now and then, and bombastic action sequences that break every law of motion

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"Son of Sardaar peddles stereotypes"

Even if you're a fan of those loud 80s-style entertainers, this one demands a lot out of you

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"Son of Sardaar is an opportunity wasted"

With all the other ingredients in place it feels like Son of Sardaar is a good opportunity wasted.

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Hindustan Times

"Son of Sardaar is exhausting"

Son of Sardaar is exhausting, painfully loud and way too long, with too few laughs.

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