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Talaash is an upcoming Indian suspense thriller film directed by Reema Kagti. The project is jointly produced by Excel Entertainment and Aamir Khan...


"Talaash is an engaging thriller"

'Talaash' is a murder mystery that takes the well-trodden path of establishing links and connections that eventually help solve the jigsaw puzzle the...

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"Talaash is very watchable but not unforgettable"

Bathed in a noir-like moodiness, Talaash, directed competently by Reema Kagti, opens with a leisurely paced montage of Mumbai after dark.

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"Talaash is a gripping tale"

Talaash, which was originally slated to release last year, proves once again this actor's films are not to be skipped and completely worth the wait.

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"Aamir Khan's Talaash works"

And I wish Mukherjee and Kapoor would get more solid, intelligent roles. Talaash reminded me that these two stars are hungry for good work, and they...

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"The story does the trick for Talaash"

Writing and making thrillers is never easy. It has to be gripping, should engage the viewers and has to steer away from predictability. And Reema...

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"And the Talaash LOL-scar goes to..."

There's reason enough to award the LOLscars to the cast of Talaash, whether it's the On-a-hat-trick award to Kareena Kapoor or the Machli-Aadmi...

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