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Nana Dharmadhikari Bio

Nana Dharmadhikari (Dr. Narayan Vishnu Dharmadhikari; ज्येष्ठ निरूपणकार नानासाहेब धर्माधिकारी) (March 1, 1922 – 8 July, 2008), the spiritual guru had an ashram in the Revdanda town of the Raigad district. He founded Shree Samarth Aadhyatmic Seva Samiti and spent his whole life to spread the philosophy of Saint Samarth Ramdas Swami, who wrote Dasbodh, Manache Shlok, Atmaram as devotional books. Dharmadhikari had millions of followers across the world. He was also awarded by many Government and social organisations for his work. After Nanasaheb his son Shri Appasaheb ( Shri. Dattatraya Narayan Dharmadhikari) has carried on the same work; who recently received Jagdguru Tukaram Maharaj Award in Pimpari near Punefor his exceptional work . The followers have spread across the nation also in the countries like USA, UK, Australia, Gulf countries, etc. Nanasaheb in his childhood had gone to his grand mothers town; where he discovered a set of holy books wrapped in the red cloth. On seeing this he immediately questioned his grand mother about this. And she told him "Let it be like that;it is beyond our power to unwrap the books understand them." This holy book was SHRI MAT DASBODH written by Shri Samarth Ramadas Swami at Shivthar Ghali. With this Narayan (Nanasaheb) became curious about the contents of holy books and started his attempts to read understand them. His father Shri. Vishnu Anant Dharmadhikari helped him read understand the books the unwritten meaning behind the stanzas.His continuous efforts to expertise the holy litarature follow it made him what he is today. He also done the exceptional work to bring Shrimat Dasbodh within the reach of a common man including the tribal areas of the state. He insisted that the knowledge power this granthas contains should reach every part ouf the society empower them which in turn empowers the nation. He always wanted to see a cultured, self sufficient, powerful, unaddicted, cooperative society. In one of his interview he had explained the meaning of being a powerful nation. Being a powerful nations does not means having huge military forces maintained, having newclear weapons. This will only destroy the beautiful earth. and will led to problems all sorts of difficulties mental, social, physical of all other sorts.He said for a country to be a power of the universe; each of its citizen has to be powerful. Mentally, physically, financially by all the human virtues he should be devotted to god throughout his life. [1][2] He died at a hospital in Pune on July 8, 2008 at the age of 86. [3][4][5][6]