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Gossip swirls as Rajnath Singh-PMO cracks show 06:20 Aug 27 2014 from DNA India

The silent Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has sprung a surprise on Wednesday by issuing a short, intriguing and explosive statement emphatically denying "reports appearing in a section of the media over the past several weeks, mentioning the Prime Min...


UPA appointed Goa Governor BV Wanchoo resigns 03:27 Jul 04 2014 from DNA India

BV Wanchoo on Friday resigned as Governor of Goa as government went about finalizing its plans for replacing the Governors appointed during the previous United Progessive Alliance (UPA) regime. 63-year-old Wanchoo sent his resignation after he receiv...


Murli Manohar Joshi, Kalyan Singh, VK Malhotra amongst BJP leaders in reckoning for governors 06:29 Jun 08 2014 from DNA India

BJP veterans like Murli Manohar Joshi, Kalyan Singh and VK Malhotra may be accommodated as governors as their names are doing the rounds for appointment in gubernatorial posts in key states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Haryana. Other names that ar...


Pecking with your Patiala Peg in Pune 04:13 Apr 02 2014 from DNA India

Chef Gurpreet Singh explains the inspiration behind the Old Monk RimZim on the brand-new Chakhna menu at Punjab Grill; it harks back to college time when one is perennially broke, and the low-priced rum is creatively combined with mixers to come up w...