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Sally Baker Bio

Sally Baker is an American actress. After a career working in television news as a weather girl, she then hosted the live-action children's show Hobo Kelly which first aired on KTTV channel 11 in Los Angeles in 1965, and later aired on KCOP channel 13 in Los Angeles. The show ran until 1973. She also was the creator of another children's live action show called The Froozles, also known as The Land of Frooze, which aired on KHJ (now known as KCAL-TV) channel 9 in Los Angeles from 1970 - 1978. The Froozles featured a pig-tailed, tomboy character named Muffin and her puppet friends, who were made to resemble children of different ethnicities. A recurring skit on the show featured a different set of moppy-haired puppets of a simpler design telling jokes through doors in a wall à la Rowan Martin's Laugh-In.