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Simon Achidi Achu Bio

"Pa" Simon Achidi Achu (born 5 September 1932) is a Cameroonian politician who served as the Prime Minister of Cameroon from 1992 to 1996. Achu grew up in Santa in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. He completed primary education in Santa and then continued to Cameroon Protestant College, where he remained until completing high school. Pa Achu later continued to the University of Yaoundé, where he participated in the creation of the Student Association, which still exists. He also served as the association's first president. He continued his studies in Marseille, France. On July 3, 1972, he was appointed Minister of Justice[1] by Cameroonian President Ahmadou Ahidjo, and he continued in this position until 1975. Pa Simon then returned to Santa and started the Rock Farm Ranch as a farmer. He stayed out of politics for several years, then he was elected as a member of the National Assembly. President Paul Biya later appointed him as Prime Minister on 9 April 1992,[1] following the March 1992 parliamentary election. He was the first Anglophone Prime Minister of Cameroon[2] and remained Prime Minister until 19 September 1996. Achu is a member of the Central Committee of the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM).[3] He was also a member of the National Commission for the coordination of Biya's election campaign in the 2004 presidential election and was the president of the campaign's support and follow up committee in the Northwest Province.[4] He has also headed the discipline commission of the CPDM.[5] During the campaign for the July 2007 parliamentary and municipal elections, Ayang was a member of the CPDM's Central Campaign Committee; he was also President of the CPDM Provincial Campaign Committee in the Northwest Province.[6]