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Suchitra Sen News

Calcutta 02:01 Mar 28 2014 from Topix

Bengal has shortened Pramathesh Barua Sarani to accommodate Suchitra Sen and shifted Ashapurna Devi to Garia to give Kishore Kumar prominence, only to realise that Tipu Sultan is waiting in the wings.... Metro commuters will be denied the promised ex...


Bollywood actress Suchitra Sen dies at 82 of heart failure 02:23 Jan 17 2014 from Fox News

Suchitra Sen, a legendary Indian actress known for her memorable roles in both Bengali-language and Hindi Bollywood films, died Friday of heart failure. She was 82...


Suchitra Sen: A superstar in Bengal, an accidental tourist in Mumbai 12:48 Jan 17 2014 from Topix

For Hindi cinema fans, Suchitra Sen's name is synonymous with `Aandhi', in which she famously played the most famous Indian politician, Indira Gandhi...


Suchitra Sen: Bengali cinema's Queen of Hearts 11:27 Jan 17 2014 from Topix

Calcutta, Jan 17 : Capturing the public's imagination for three decades through her ethereal beauty and intense celluloid performance, Suchitra Sen symbolised the golden age of Bengali cinema with memorable films such as 'Agnipariksha', 'Devdas' and ...


Indian actress Suchitra Sen dies 04:18 Jan 17 2014 from BBC

Veteran actress Suchitra Sen, who was known as Greta Garbo of India, dies in the eastern city of Calcutta, aged 82...