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Susan Walden Bio

Susan Walden, is an American actress. Walden started her career on The Young and the Restless in the early 70s. She's best known for her role as J.L. Duval on the hit Canadian TV Show Danger Bay (1985-1990). In 1980, she also starred in the TV. mini series The Contender, where she played Lucinda Waverly. In the 1980s, She was seen on many TV shows (The Dukes of Hazzard, Macgyver, Matlock, Three's Company, T.J. Hooker, etc.) on various American networks. In 1987, She appeared in The Disney Sunday Movie titled Double Agent (1987). It starred Michael McKean, Susan Walden, Christopher Burton, Judith Jones, Lloyd Bochner, Alexa Hamilton and John Putch. Double Agent was first telecast on March 29, 1987. Walden continued to act until 2001. Her last role was on the television series Titus.