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Tom Hanks News

Tom Hanks’ Typewriter App Is No. 1 in the App Store 10:43 Aug 18 2014 from TIME Magazine

Apps are like a box of chocolates—people are gobbling them u...


Tech Week: 'Good' IT People, Women Quit Engineering, Tom Hanks App 09:32 Aug 16 2014 from National Public Radio

This week in tech, we read IT people need to be half technologist, half psychologist; more and more women are leaving the engineering field; and Tom Hanks created an app for the hipster in all of us...


Tom Hanks Has a Typewriter iPad App, and It’s Actually Decent 07:57 Aug 14 2014 from TIME Magazine

Hanx Writer mimics the look and feel of old typewriters -- except for the whole touchscreen thing...


Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks 11:15 Feb 07 2014 from Times Of India

When it comes to creating a land of fantasy, fun and mirth for children, there wasn't much that Walt Disney couldn't do. So, when his daughters implore him to fulfill their wish and make a movie out of their favourite book, how could he refuse? It's...


'Captain Phillips' Review: Focused and grounded 02:04 Oct 17 2013 from IANS

There seems to be a deluge of survival stories hitting the theatres of late. After "Prisoners" and "Gravity", this week we have "Captain Phillips". What's interesting is that each film is better than the other. "Captain Phillips" is a tale of...


Cloud Atlas is a complex, intriguing film 02:15 Oct 26 2012 from in.com

Cloud Atlas requires patience and every bit of your concentration, but put in the effort, and you'll be well rewarded for your time


Was scared I'd trip in a sari: Halle Berry 05:18 Oct 25 2012 from in.com

Oscar winner Halle Berry is ready to wow us with her acting skills in the upcoming science fiction and adventure drama �Cloud Atlas�.


Aamir did a magnificient job with his show: Hanks 04:37 Oct 23 2012 from in.com

Academy award-winning actor Tom Hanks will be seen juggling six roles in the science fiction and adventure drama film 'Cloud Atlas'


I admire Aamir Khan's work for society: Tom Hanks 12:02 Oct 09 2012 from IANS

Tom Hanks read about Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's work for the Indian society, and is mightily impressed. He says "giving back" (to the society) is tough.