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AP: Student dies after alleged corporal punishment

The boy died after he was allegedly made to do sit ups as punishment in the school.

768 days 23:12 hr ago


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Kerala: 45-year-old woman dies after being set ablaze in a train compartment

Kerala: 45-year-old woman

1 day 6:56 hr ago

DA case convict Jayalalithaa arrives in Chennai to a hero's welcome after 21 days in jail

DA case convict Jayalalithaa

4 days 10 min ago

India International Coffee Festival kickstartes in Bangalore

India International Coffee

4 days 2:25 hr ago

DA case: Jayalalithaa gets bail; will the relief be shortlived?

DA case: Jayalalithaa gets

4 days 19:41 hr ago

Would have committed suicide had Jaya not got bail: supporters

Would have committed suicide

5 days 1:12 hr ago

Watch: AIADMK supporters celebrate after SC grants bail to Jayalalithaa

Watch: AIADMK supporters

5 days 3:8 hr ago

Cyclone Hudhud leaves behind a trail of destruction in Visakhapatnam

Cyclone Hudhud leaves behind

6 days 1:21 hr ago

Cyclone Hudhud: Visakhapatnam Steel Plant damaged, non-operational for 6 months

Cyclone Hudhud: Visakhapatnam

6 days 1:57 hr ago

Video: IAS officer from Mysore attacked over suicide of employee

Video: IAS officer from

6 days 3:56 hr ago

Mysore: Female IAS officer attacked after government official's alleged suicide

Mysore: Female IAS officer

6 days 5:35 hr ago

K'taka: Govt bows down to farmers' Gandhigiri

K'taka: Govt bows down to

1015 days 6:1 hr ago

Kerala: Villagers protest as garbage plant stinks

Kerala: Villagers protest as

1015 days 7:58 hr ago

Coimbatore: Flowerseller buries unclaimed bodies

Coimbatore: Flowerseller

952 days 8:54 hr ago

Kudankulam: Hunger strike enters the 6th day

Kudankulam: Hunger strike

942 days 11:29 hr ago

Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal today

Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal

1011 days 7:52 hr ago

Praveen stabbing: 3 Indians charged in UK

Praveen stabbing: 3 Indians

982 days 8:59 hr ago

BSY summoned by BJP to Delhi; refuses to come

BSY summoned by BJP to Delhi;

946 days 7:17 hr ago

Hampi Express accident: 19 dead, probe ordered

Hampi Express accident: 19

883 days 5:40 hr ago

'Stop this cultural terrorism,' says Kamal Haasan

'Stop this cultural

636 days 5:54 hr ago

Cuddalore residents relive Cyclone Thane horror

Cuddalore residents relive

1025 days 9:52 hr ago

The Thane effect: rough seas and empty beaches

The Thane effect: rough seas

1027 days 5:27 hr ago

Cyclone Thane kills seven in TN, Puducherry

Cyclone Thane kills seven in

1027 days 6:4 hr ago

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