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AP: Student dies after alleged corporal punishment

The boy died after he was allegedly made to do sit ups as punishment in the school.

986 days 14:54 hr ago



2 days 17:50 hr ago
The Citizen Journalist Show
2 days 17:58 hr ago
Builder Deceives Buyers
2 days 18:25 hr ago
Hunger Strike for their homes

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8 days 23:20 hr ago
New Zealand: Harman Singh being hailed as hero after he removed his turban to bandage injured child
9 days 19:57 hr ago
South Korea-India shared history dates back to 48 AD
9 days 20:19 hr ago
India must ensure transparent bureaucracy to attract foreign investment: South Korean envoy

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11 days 17:55 hr ago
Watch: Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan shares a joke
11 days 18:1 hr ago
Turning Point: Masand in conversation with Shoojit Sircar
12 days 16:55 hr ago
e Lounge: Team 'PK' in China to release the Chinese version of the film

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Tamil Nadu: Illegal import of Chinese fireworks threaten livelihood of lakhs of workers at Sivakasi

Tamil Nadu: Illegal import of

9 days 23:58 hr ago

AIADMK MLA B Vetrivel resigns, Jayalalithaa likely to be sworn in as Tamil Nadu CM next week


10 days 15:43 hr ago

First arrest made in Sunitha Krishnan's 'shame the rapist' campaign

First arrest made in Sunitha

12 days 18:43 hr ago

Public prosecutor Acharya favours appealing against Jayalalithaa's acquittal in DA case before SC

Public prosecutor Acharya

13 days 14:23 hr ago

Bengaluru: Al-soor lake losing glory due to garbage dumped at its edges

Bengaluru: Al-soor lake

15 days 10 min ago

Public prosecutor questions Karnataka HC figures

Public prosecutor questions

15 days 11:12 hr ago

27-year-old arrested for allegedly creating Facebook page for paedophiles

27-year-old arrested for

15 days 22:3 hr ago

Jayalalithaa DA case: Celebrations erupt in Tamil Nadu

Jayalalithaa DA case:

16 days 9:56 hr ago

Karnataka HC cites SC order, acquits Jayalalithaa, says her assets only 8.12% more than her income

Karnataka HC cites SC order,

16 days 16:53 hr ago

Fight truns fatal for a college student in Hyderabad

Fight truns fatal for a

17 days 14:54 hr ago

Challenges faced by J Jayalalithaa in her journey to becoming a big political figure

Challenges faced by J

17 days 17:58 hr ago

Hyderabad: Over 200 people duped in credit card fraud rackets

Hyderabad: Over 200 people

17 days 23:10 hr ago

K'taka: Govt bows down to farmers' Gandhigiri

K'taka: Govt bows down to

1232 days 21:43 hr ago

Kerala: Villagers protest as garbage plant stinks

Kerala: Villagers protest as

1232 days 23:40 hr ago

Coimbatore: Flowerseller buries unclaimed bodies

Coimbatore: Flowerseller

1170 days 36 min ago

Kudankulam: Hunger strike enters the 6th day

Kudankulam: Hunger strike

1160 days 3:11 hr ago

Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal today

Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal

1228 days 23:34 hr ago

Praveen stabbing: 3 Indians charged in UK

Praveen stabbing: 3 Indians

1200 days 41 min ago

BSY summoned by BJP to Delhi; refuses to come

BSY summoned by BJP to Delhi;

1163 days 22:59 hr ago

Hampi Express accident: 19 dead, probe ordered

Hampi Express accident: 19

1100 days 21:22 hr ago

'Stop this cultural terrorism,' says Kamal Haasan

'Stop this cultural

853 days 21:36 hr ago

Cuddalore residents relive Cyclone Thane horror

Cuddalore residents relive

1243 days 1:34 hr ago

The Thane effect: rough seas and empty beaches

The Thane effect: rough seas

1244 days 21:9 hr ago

Cyclone Thane kills seven in TN, Puducherry

Cyclone Thane kills seven in

1244 days 21:46 hr ago

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