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Catch the hip shaking number by Rihanna 'Don't Stop the Music' from the album 'Good Girl Gone Bad' right here. The song was released as the album's fourth single on September 7, 2007 worldwide. The dance number is a pop and techno song that features a wide variety of rhythmic devices used mainly in hip hop music.

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06:40 07 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Volkswagen tells dealers in India to stop delivery of Polo till further notice

New Delhi: Beleaguered German auto major Volkswagen has asked its dealers in India not to deliver its premium hatchback Polo to new buyers till further notice.The company, which has been hit by emission test cheating scandal in the US and Europe,...

03:50 07 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Stop arguing over meat: If our ancestors were vegetarians we would still be primates

Don't blame meat for the evils in the world; don't despise meat-eaters. Don't argue like charlatans that your ancestors were pure vegetarians who balked at the idea of eating meat; because if they did, you would have been an ape.There is a lot of...

11:50 07 Oct 2015 from firstpost

Stop playing politics over our tragedy, says Dadri victim\'s family as it prepares to move to Chennai

Vivek AvasthiUttar Pradesh is no longer considered "safe to live" by the family members of Akhlaq, the 50-year-old man who was lynched in Bisahra village of Greater Noida. The family has decided to leave Uttar Pradesh forever as they will...

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