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'Unfaithful' originally titled "Murderer" and is about a woman who regrets cheating on her partner. "Unfaithful" is a pop ballad that contains prominent R&B elements, and was inspired by the works of American rock band Evanescence. "Unfaithful" received a mixed response from critics; many praised its powerful balladry, but some criticized the lyrics. Since its release, "Unfaithful" has become a staple of Rihanna's live performances.Check this track right here!

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03:30 05 Feb 2016 from firstpost

Obama cites humanitarian work by Sikh community to talk about strength of faith

Washington:US President Barack Obama on Fridaycited the humanitarian work done by the Sikh community as he spoke about the strength that comes from uniting all faiths against fear."When the Earth cleaves in Haiti, Christians, Sikhs, and other...

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Obama says faith a cure for fears stirred by war, hard times| Reuters

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama, taking on Republican presidential candidates for stirring up anxiety among Americans, told leaders at Washington's national prayer breakfast on Thursday that faith could conquer fear brought on by war, technology,...

04:40 04 Feb 2016 from firstpost

\'An attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths\' : Obama decries anti-Muslim rhetoric on first mosque visit

Baltimore: Barack Obama offered an impassioned rebuttal of "inexcusable" Republican election rhetoric against Muslims Wednesday, on his first trip to an American mosque since becoming president seven years ago.Obama, whose grandfather...

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