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Now playing : Can Rahul's emotional pitch turn the tide?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made an emotional pitch for change at the annual Cintan Shivir. The fear is that much of what Rahul Gandhi promised during his speech may have to be compromised yet again.

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01:31 30 Jun 2015 from firstpost

Rahul Gandhi effect? Govt doesn\'t want to be pro-corporate, goes slow on scrapping 5/20

New Delhi - Rahul Gandhi's 'suit boot ki sarkar' jibe against the Modi government is having wide ramifications - to the extend probably the Congress scion himself never imagined.The fear of being seen as "pro-corporate" has already lead...

08:52 25 Jun 2015 from firstpost

A straighforward admission: How Rahul Gandhi can free Congress from the Emergency taint

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are apparently out of the country. As usual rumours abound of where they have gone and why they have gone. Is it for health reason? Is it for re-upping Rahuls Vipassana dose after all that hectic recent politicking? Or...

11:40 25 Jun 2015 from firstpost

Smriti Irani degree row: Congress cheers as Modi\'s \'weapon\' to take on Rahul Gandhi goes kaput

After a Delhi court on Wednesday took cognizance of a complaint filed against HRD Minister Smriti Irani for allegedly giving false information about her educational qualification, the Congress, apart from demanding her resignation, is also...

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