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Australian DJ's Kate Middleton prank call

last updated on December 06, 2012 at 12:19 pm Youtube

An Australian radio station made a prank call to the hospital in UK where Prince William's pregnant wife Kate Middleton is reportedly admitted. The two radio presenters posed as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles on the phone and managed to pull off the prank despite sporting, what we thought was, a fairly unconvincing British accent.

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03:50 28 May 2015 from firstpost

British govt seeks enhanced partnership with India, China: Queen Elizabeth II

London: Queen Elizabeth II singled out India alongside China for an "enhanced partnership" as part of the foreign policy priorities for UK's first Conservative-only government in nearly two decades."My government looks forward to an...

04:30 21 May 2015 from AFP

Prince Charles visits great-uncle\'s IRA murder site

Britain's Prince Charles spoke of "anguish" at the murder of his godfather by IRA paramilitaries in 1979 as he became the first royal to visit the assassination site in Ireland on Wednesday. Charles remembered Lord Louis Mountbatten as "the...

07:50 20 May 2015 from AFP

Prince Charles to visit great-uncle\'s IRA murder site

Britain's Prince Charles on Wednesday spoke of his "anguish" at the murder of his beloved great-uncle by the IRA paramilitary group in 1979, on an emotional visit to the assassination site in Ireland. The heir to the throne is on a two-day trip to...

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