Babbu Mann and Bhagwant Mann interview - part1

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10:30 28 Jul 2015 from firstpost

What Rahul Yadav \'bared\' in the Femina interview: He is just an ill-mannered, overgrown child

Rahul Yadav bares all from under blanket.Okay, don't run... yet.That was a real headline on a real newspaper over the weekend.You can now look out of your window for signs of the world coming to an end.Even in a messed-up world something must have...

03:40 24 Jul 2015 from firstpost

Obama urges Britain to stay in EU in BBC interview| Reuters

WASHINGTON U.S. President Barack Obama told the BBC in an interview excerpt that aired on Thursday that Britain must remain in the European Union to maintain its global influence.Britain's EU membership "gives us much greater confidence about...

04:30 23 Jul 2015 from firstpost

Interview: Five questions that remain unanswered in Avirook Sens Aarushi

Journalist turned author Avirook Sens second book Aarushi, published by Penguin India, has brought the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case (2008) back in the news. The double-murders took the whole country by surprise and confounded everyone at the time and...

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