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Watch here a collection of some of the best hilarious gags and pranks. Do get back with your comments.

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02:30 23 Apr 2014 from ibn

IBNLive Movie Awards: Shreya Ghosha voted best female singer, Arijit Singh best male singer for \\\'Aashiqui 2\\\'

New Delhi: Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh earned maximum votes on IBNLive cinema poll for best singers of 2013. Interestingly, both Shreya and Arijit were selected for their songs in 'Aashiqui 2', clearly indicating the impact which the film left...

01:50 23 Apr 2014 from ibn

IBNLive Movie Awards: Best Editing award for Arif Sheikh for his work in \\\'D Day\\\'

Remember the bomb blast scene in 'D- Day'? The one in which the camera captures the shot from a third person's perspective where the impact of the blast is felt in an eerie soundless shot. That was editor Arif Sheikh's work and his work was...

01:31 23 Apr 2014 from ibn

IBNLive Movie Awards: \\\'Maazii\\\' voted as the Best Independent Film of 2013

The Hindi film industry was never known for organised filmmaking, but over the years the scenario has changed a lot. Now, the industry has tilted more in favour of people who have big pockets. The process of filmmaking has become less important than...

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