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Bollywood Diva's Of 2012

last updated on December 22, 2012 at 8:02 pm Youtube

Bollywood films in 2012 have seen many new faces, many comebacks and also a host of acting skills by our Bollywood beauties. We bring you a list of female actors who have managed to grip the audience with their acting skills.


11:00 05 Dec 2014 from Cinecorn

Lakshmi Rave Ma Intiki Review - This Lakshmi Is Absolutely Welcome

Story: A boy loves a girl but the father doesnt approve of their marriage. How the boy manages to win his love in end is the overall story of the film. Performances: Naga Shourya is slowly developing into a confident presence. Leaving out his...

11:00 05 Dec 2014 from Cinecorn

The End Movie Review - Watch It Till 'The End'

Story: Rajeev (Sudheer) and Priya (Priya Reddy) are newlywed couple. After a shocking incident Priya stars to behave strangely which deteriorates the health of Rajeev. Gautham (Yuva Chnadra) his friend who is psychiatrist comes to the rescue of...

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