Facebook Graph Search: What it is about

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Facebook announced its own social search engine called the Facebook Graph Search in their press conference. The Graph Search would allow you to search for social information that your friends have liked on the social networking site. Facebook Inc. has also dismissed any option of monetizing the feature and insists that the information available on the search will conform to the privacy policy and that only public information will be shared.

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12:20 25 May 2015 from firstpost

Did you know your Facebook updates reflect your personality traits?

People who post Facebook status updates about their romantic partner are likely to have low self-esteem, while those who brag about diets, exercise and accomplishments are typically narcissists, according to new research.Psychologists at Brunel...

09:50 22 May 2015 from firstpost

Defence ministry debuts on Facebook, seeks to attract young generation

New Delhi: The defence ministry today made its Facebook debut hoping to reach out to the younger generation using the social media.The move comes as the ministry works on revamping its digital presence. They had made a debut on Twitter in February...

08:23 19 May 2015 from PTI


The environment of 'prosecute the investors' has been The environment of 'prosecute the investors' has been completely reversed. There is a thrust towards reforms and liberalization but no crony capitalism, no harassment. The 'scam and...

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