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Facebook Law for Idiots

last updated on December 01, 2012 at 12:02 am Youtube

Internet has been, lately, abuzz with rumors of Facebook's privacy policies. And it didn't take long before skeptics started posting status updates which "prevented Facebook from misusing their personal content". Here's a funny take on the dramatic rumor.

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11:10 20 Nov 2015 from firstpost

Facebook group in Italy evolves into real-life community of neighbours

BOLOGNA, ITALY:Federico Bastiani never wanted to be known the world over. He just wanted to get to know the people on his street.To that end, he started Social Street, an online presence to help him and his neighbours get to know one another better...

12:20 18 Nov 2015 from firstpost

Facebook off the hook, can be allowed to block Sikh group\'s page in India: US court

Washington: Facebook is immune from claims that it discriminated against the "Sikhs for Justice", a US based human rights group, by blocking access to its Facebook page in India, a US court has ruled.The Sikh group's claims of religious...

06:10 17 Nov 2015 from firstpost

Facebook \'safety check\' at the ready after Paris attacks

SAN FRANCISCO: A Facebook tool that let people check whether friends were safe after deadly attacks in Paris will be used more widely in the future, the social network said.The announcement came amid criticism that the "Safety Check"...

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