Full Movie Robot (Hindi) Part 1

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09:10 02 Aug 2015 from ibn

Toyota\'s robot can pick things

Yokohama: Toyota's new robot that glides around like R2-D2 is devoted to a single task: picking things up. HSR, short for "human support robot," comes with a single mechanical arm that can grasp objects of various shapes and sizes and also pick up...

01:00 30 Jul 2015 from firstpost

Robots are taking over: Production nearly triples as China sets up first unmanned factory

Beijing: A Chinese firm specialising in precision technology has set up the first unmanned factory at Dongguan city where all the processes are operated by robots, regarded as futuristic solution to tide over China's looming demographic crisis and...

09:41 27 Jul 2015 from ibn

Robot passes test for human trait for the first time

New York: A robot has for the first time displayed the human trait of self-awareness while attempting to solve a classic logic puzzle, scientists say. In the puzzle known as The King's Wise Men, three wise men are given hats of either white or...

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