Google Zeitgeist: Top searches in 2012

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Year 2012 was quite an eventful year resulting in the Google users accounting for about 1.2 trillion searches across 146 languages on Google. From Baumgartner's space jump to London Olympics, from the Syrian unrest to Obama's re-election and from a Korean singer to the umpteen virals which made us all laugh, the netizens showed tremendous curiosity in a gamut of events. Watch this video to find out what else people across the globe searched for the most on Google this year.

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08:41 05 Jul 2015 from ibn

Is Google working on a second version of Google Glass?

New Delhi: The original Google Glass is yet to make its mark in the consumer market, but latest reports indicate that the search giant is already gearing up for a second version of its hi-tech wearable gadget that comes with a head-mounted...

12:30 04 Jul 2015 from ibn

Google aims to turn your palm into a keyboard. Here\'s how

New York: What if the palm of your hand can work as a keyboard? A Google patent aims to turn the skin on your palm into a virtual keyboard. It describes a Google Glass-like headset that beams an interactive virtual keyboard directly onto a person's...

03:35 03 Jul 2015 from ibn

Google sorry for including concentration camps in game

Berlin: A Google subsidiary has apologised for making Nazi concentration camps part of a mobile role-playing game. Niantic Labs says players of 'Ingress' can propose historic location and monuments for inclusion in the game, in which two factions...

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