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Identity Thief: Official Trailer 2

last updated on December 19, 2012 at 10:54 am Youtube

From the makers of  'Horrible Bosses' and 'Ted' comes yet another comedy riot. Sandy gets to know that somebody has forged his credit card and have had a shopping spree in Florida. He goes on a road trip to capture Diana the thief but things don't exactly go as planned. Here's the trailer.

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04:10 01 Dec 2015 from firstpost

Capgemini launches new Identity-as-a-Service cybersecurity offering

Capgemini, the provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has announced the launch of a new 'identity as a service' (Capgemini's IDaaS) offering, part of its Cybersecurity Global Service Line. The offering is a flexible and...

06:40 19 Nov 2015 from firstpost

Identity in alien land: What explains the unique Chhat spirit among migrant Biharis?

By Badri NarayanWhat makes Biharis celebrate Chhat with such infectious enthusiasm in big cities? The answer to this question is linked closely to the issues of identity and migration. With the migrants also travels their cultural baggage to the...

07:30 18 Nov 2015 from firstpost

Pride and Prejudice: How resurgent caste identities breed clashes and polarisation amongst youth of southern Tamil Nadu

The Muthalamman temple stands grand and tall in the main square of Uthapuram village, around 55 kilometres from Madurai in southern Tamil Nadu. The deitys gates have been shut for the past two weeks and a posse of police personnel guards the ornate...

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