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Indian Railways...Konkan Kanya with WDP4

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05:20 27 Feb 2015 from firstpost

Sponsored: Here\'s how Suresh Prabhu can #ScoreWithData for Indian Railways

Suresh Prabhu, India's Union Minister for Railways has just presented his maiden Railway Budget and rather than focus on new trains and largesse to a certain favoured area that Indian railway ministers traditionally do, he has decided to focus on...

03:41 26 Feb 2015 from firstpost

Watershed moment for Indian Railways: What PM Modi thought of Prabhu\'s budget

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday praised his government's rail budget, commending Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu formarking a pradigm shift from the usual announcement of new trains and coach factories to actual reform measures and a larger...

09:10 26 Feb 2015 from firstpost

Rail Budget 2015: Forget bullet trains, make Indian Railways faster, cleaner

The rise in air travellers may be a statement of aspirational India but a sad commentary on the Indian Railways to move with the times. Indeed the Indian Railways is caught in a time warp with Tamil Nadu Express trundling to Chennai from New Delhi...

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