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01:30 20 Apr 2014 from ibn

Is Google working on the sub-$100 Nexus smartphone?

New Delhi: Riding high on the success of its Nexus devices, Google reportedly is planning to introduce a budget-friendly Nexus smartphone. Citing a report from Asia, BGR says, the device won't be a high-end model, it instead will be an entry-level...

03:00 19 Apr 2014 from ibn

Google Chromecast now available on Indian online shopping websites

New Delhi: Google's Chromecast dongle that that connects to an HDTV via the HDMI port and lets users stream content from their phones, tablets or laptops to their TV is now listed on Indian online shopping websites. The device that has received...

11:20 18 Apr 2014 from firstpost

Jaya vs Modi: Gujarat model finds a genuine rival in Tamil Nadu

In February, Firstpost had noted that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaas indirect pitch for the top post in the country is likely to lead to a new development debate - Gujarat model vs Tamil Nadu model.So far, Modi has been pitching his...

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